Monday, 27 June 2016

Drop what you're doing... we're getting our makeup inspiration on

Saturday night I pulled my tight fitting dress over my head, curled my hair, opened up my makeup draws and applied my makeup to go out clubbing.

Half way through doing my makeup it occurred to me that every single time I go out and do ‘my full face of makeup’ I always do the same look. Nude lips, brown smokey eyes, fake eyelashes and while also always using the same products and shades. Which leaves me in the awkward situation of all my selfie’s looking identical.

So, like any women in despair I took to Google to help me gather some inspiration and spent about three hours this morning scrolling through Pinterest gathering up any inspiration I could find.

Now all I want to do is apply makeup and then wipe it all off to reapply it all over again using different products and creating different looks. I have draws and draws filled to the brim with makeup that I have never even used because I am so lazy and always use the same damn products.

I’m going to start posting more tutorials on here and do some really quirky ones like Disney characters and ones with synthetics.

So if you find yourself always using the same products ladies go and gather some inspiration and don’t let any of that precious makeup go to waste!

Photo credit: pinterest.


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