Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I have a confession: my horrid beauty habits

I have plenty of bad habits, from my behaviour in a public place right down to my beauty routine. I didn’t think anything of my bad beauty habits till I did some research and discovered eh, I’m actually damaging my body… (I know it’s not rocket science to discover alright) so to make you all feel better here are my horrid habits.

I’m ‘that girl’ that picks off my mascara.
Don’t judge me. I know you do it too. It is just so highly addictive to pick off your mascara at the end of a hard day of looking sass. But ladies, like me we must stop as we are physically ripping out hair that could save our lives in the shower (aka shampoo in the eye syndrome).

Throw the dull razor blade Soph.
Yes, yes I am disgusting. I know. We’re all guilty of hanging onto a razor for far too long… right? But the habit can actually cause serious issues. Keeping an old blunt razor can increase your chance of a bacterial or fungal infection. So yes, I have just spent a lot of money on an endless supply of razors.

I touch myself 24/7.
Ha bet that caught your attention. No it’s not what you first thought. I touch my hair 24/7, constantly playing with it, sorting it out and ripping it out as it gets on my nerves so much. This of course can create spilt ends and in fact build up oil in your hair. So, to help me defeat this habit I have been tying my hair up anywhere I can. So while I’m sitting at my desk I whip it up and hope for the best.

Oh chinny chin chin
I am a sucker for propping my elbows on a table and holding my head with my hands on my chin. Well this is a big no no. Not only is it bad for your posture but it can cause break outs on your chin and jaw line and well it just doesn’t look sassy sitting like that.

Biting my lips.
I bite my lips on average 104 times a day. It seems to be a facial expression my face just can’t get enough of. When I’m angry/annoyed/frustrated I frown and bite my lip as a manor to keep my mouth shut, when I’m horny my first instinct is to bite my lip (I don’t have a clue why) and when I witness something that makes me cringe, you guessed it, I bite my bloody lip. This makes my lips incredibly dry, however, I now apply chap stick every now and again so I can carry on biting away.

Although I think I deserve to give myself some credit. I regularly clean my makeup brushes, wash my bedding, I don’t use fake tanning products and I clean behind my nails everyday. So I’m not all bad!

What bad beauty habits do you have? I’m dead curious!

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