Monday, 6 June 2016

The most beautiful pink lipstick ya'll ever see

Now I never thought a Barbie pink lipstick would be my cup of tea. Resembling a plastic doll that I was obsessed with in the 90's now at 19 years of age was not my goal in life and by no means did I ever think I would fall in love. But, I suppose sometimes you can't help who or what you love.

I have always stayed clear of that famous Barbie pink shade as in my opinion most of them can look over the top and are a little too bold for my liking. However, people change right? While browsing the MAC counter in Selfridges I was eager for a new lipstick and having owned pretty much every single lipstick I asked my male friend to scout through and pick a shade that he thought would suit me. I know, I know I left my bank card and lipstick choice in the hands of a man. When he showed me his choice of Saint Germain I instantly disapproved but kept to my end of the bargain and purchased it to try it out.

Well, I just love it. If I look like a zombie first thing on a cold Monday morning it makes me look more awake, instantly makes me look friendly and approachable and it actually, in my opinion, suits my skin tone. It is one of those shades that I think would suit any skin tone. The amplified finish is easy on the lips and is a nice mixture of slightly matte but still slightly glossy and it is moisturising and comfortable to wear for a long period of time. My only fault in it is that you do have to reapply after eating but no one is perfect.

So I recommend you to try it and also take a man to MAC and just let him pick a shade that he thinks will suit you. You never know, you may be surprised.

What MAC lipsticks are your favourite? Because obviously  I need more!


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  1. Your hair is amazing! Love this shade on you x

    Jen |


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