Thursday, 1 September 2016

Four girls, one dating app | What really goes down on Tinder Social

Like girls weren’t savage enough now Tinder has introduced ‘Tinder Social’ and well our sass is on fire.

What’s Tinder Social? Well, only the greatest creation since Christian Louboutin created the first red sole. Tinder is a dating app where you swipe left and right through people's profiles, swipe left if they’re ugly and right if you want to sleep with them. The app now allows you to form a group chat with your friends and match with other groups. Which either leads to a massive group chat of full on frontal orgy flirting or completely and utterly roasting one another.

Myself, and my sassy friends Holly, Theo and Megan hit the Tinder Social button to give it a whirl and this is what we discovered.

The ‘Bugsy’
Ah, the bugsy. So after two groups have matched a chat is created and pops up. A number of times the chat either started with a guy saying ‘bugsy/shotgun Sophie/Holly/Theo/Megan’ was intense. It was surprisingly quite common that a guy would kick off a charming conversation by bugsying one of us. Although I’ll admit while on Facetime to Holly we would bugsy one of the guys between us…

The Cockblock
So you have spotted your new man in a group and in your mind you’re planning the wedding already, baby names are spawning in your head like Pokemon’s while you’re sat waiting for him to make the first move. Well, let me tell you, in front of their pals they are not going to make the first move. Being the fairly ballsy woman I am I attempted to start a few conversations only to receive a reply from one of their friends instead. Move over pal I’m trying to hit on your spicy friend, not you.

Am I invisible?
What could possibly go wrong when on Tinder Social with your friends? If the bitch is good looking that’s what. When the group of guys is all asking your friend on a date and competing with one another and you’re sitting there, lonely, scrolling through Instagram for the twelfth time.

Fight me
A lot more ‘banter’ actually goes down than flirting. Unless you go in a private chat with one of the guys/girls you have matched... (That’s a whole different story). This includes bringing out your inner savage side to put a guy in his place. Fuck boys, girls are getting their revenge.

One of the most irritating things about Tinder Social is when you clock a really hot guy in one of the groups and after matching with the group your friend decides to unmatch them because she thought he wasn’t hot. Bitch what? A number of times I screamed ‘HOLLYYY HE WAS JUST MY TYPE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ At one point I was actually having a really nice chat with a proper good looking guy and Holly unmatched us because she deemed our chat boring. Yes well, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, Holly.

Have you been on Tinder Social? Tell a girl your stories in the comments!


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