Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The fashion bloggers that will inspire your wardrobe

There is just something so utterly satisfying about finding a fashion blogger that just represents your style down to a tee.
Fashion, admittedly, is the one thing I lack inspiration massively in. In my work life, I am always inspired without a doubt and in every other aspect of my life, I can find inspiration from just about anything. But I and fashion just do not click.
I have never ever been ‘fashionable’ and I doubt I ever will be, to be frank. I dress for me, I dress in clothes that I couldn’t resist buying, clothes that are comfy, effortless and of course I never wear flat shoes, like ever. Other than that I feel like I don’t really know what my ‘style’ is.
That is till I discovered fashion blogs. A place on the web where I could literally follow someone’s fashion diary, discover how to pull off trends that I was loving, and just scroll through endless photographs that flooded me with inspiration.
My two favourites are Sara Ashcroft who owns the blog thatpommegirl.com and Megan Ellaby of pagesbymegan.com oddly both have completely different styles, which so do I. I love to wear smart clothes seeing as I work in an office five days a week and have to dress smart, and then on the weekends I have more of a ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ kinda style. Sarah’s style is rather smart casual; she always looks neat and tidy and keeps very up to date with the current trends. Whereas Megan’s style is flawlessly rock ‘n’ roll, mixes of patterns, accessories and is a genuinely bad arse.
Since following both of their blogs I have purchased more clothes that I actually wear, I have explored with my wardrobe more and I have most importantly had more fun with fashion.

So go grab a coffee and get searching for fashion bloggers that really catch your eye. Then tell me who to follow in the comments!



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