Sunday, 11 September 2016

Why I don't call myself a feminist

I’m a woman and I have all the parts to prove it. However, I’m not a feminist. A woman who isn’t a feminist? Did you fall off your chair in shock? Or spit your wine out over your computer? Good. Yes, we do exist and we are fed up to the back teeth with women who are feminists putting us down because of it.

Before you roll your eyes at me, click off the article or call me an ‘idiotic cum-guzzling slut’ in the comments below (yes I have been called that by a fellow woman after telling them), take the time to read why I don’t personally support feminism anymore.

I’m not addressing every single feminist (I’m mainly addressing radical feminists) I’m addressing the ones that if the shoe fits… well. You wear that shoe girlfriend.
I’m sick of hearing women whining because of a ‘Damsel in Distress’ character in a video game, film, TV show. I’m tired of hearing women cry ‘Why are women portrayed as the weaker sex in films’. It’s a film. It is fictional, a story, entertainment. Entertainment that you most likely secretly enjoyed as that Ironman film took your attention away from everyday reality. What do you propose feminists? That we portray men as the ones in distress instead? That all films are full of rainbows, happy chubby unicorns, and fluffy clouds? There are thousands of films and games that feature and portray powerful and strong women. So sit down and watch the Hunger Games. Take a swig of vodka every time Katniss Everdeen does something sassy that portrays her as a strong woman. I promise you will get drunker than you did at prom.
Men are deemed as fuck boys, criminals, rapists, thugs, mean, emotionless.. Where is the equality? How many times have you heard a woman mutter the phases in your life ‘men are idiots’, ‘all men are the same’, ‘men are arseholes’. No the wrong word to use here is ‘men’ not all men are the same. Just because some twat called Jake broke your heart in Year 8 does not mean that you can discriminate against an entire gender. When will women learn that not all men are the same?
If a man is beating up or abusing a woman in public, then either the police arrive within 10 seconds or the bystanders beat up the guy. If a woman is beating a man, no one cares. People say things like "he probably wastes money on alcohol" or "he was probably cheating on her". There is no equality and justice for men who are domestically abused.

The problem is real honest feminists who believe in equality for everyone are being out shadowed by the radical feminists. Radical feminism is destroying something I once used to fight for. I’m an independent sassy woman who treats everyone equally. I don’t need to label myself with the F word. There are bigger problems in the world than fictional characters not being portrayed the way you want them to be portrayed. 

All lives matter and equality for every single beating heart on this planet should be what we spend our precious time fighting for. So when radical feminists stop putting men down then I will happily call myself a feminist and associate myself with the word.

So radical feminists please stop destroying something that could be so powerful and life changing for the entire world.



  1. In defense of the "If a man attacked a woman" trope versus "If a woman attacked a man", in case the woman didn't have any formal training (say she were a MMA fighter), the fight wouldn't seem "serious"(for lack of better word). It's basically like seeing a child trying to fight an adult, it has all the elements of a fight (slaps, punches, kicks) but no real damage is done, or if there is any damage, the adult can easily overpower the child and end the fight. A man could easily overpower a won and end the fight, or the very least protect himself. I assure you, police would get involved if a woman was physically injuring a defenseless man.

    1. I am certain that vavaviolet knows that lol. I'm sure she mentioned that example to illustrate that men and women cannot be exactly equal as there are differences like strengths, etc.

  2. I agree with you. The meaning of feminist sounds nice, but the way many feminists act are just illogical. They just want to complain about every little thing, they can't take a chill pill even when it is obviously a joke.


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