Monday, 24 October 2016

20 reasons sex is better at 20 than when you're underage

I'll hold my hands up and admit I lost my virginity when I was underage. I felt ready, I made sure I was safe and I had been with my boyfriend at the time for nearly a year before we both agreed we were ready. But that is a whole other story, during my years of sexual activity the sex has just got better and better and if that's the case then roll on turning 30.

I have always been a very sexual person and have always been comfortable with my sexuality, talking about sex and having sex. However, every year it's not just blowing out birthday candles that I'm getting better at. Here are 20 reasons why sex is better with age:

1.  Confidence
Confidence is the sexiest darn thing a person can have. Being confident in the bedroom allows you to explore more, enjoy the moment more and just own it. Looking back at when I was young I was nowhere near as confident as I am now and sex has improved because of it.

2. Not being ashamed of one night stands
When I first started going out clubbing one night stands were something I kept quiet about and was slightly embarrassed by. Now it's like craving chocolate, if I want to do it and feel like it I'll do it.

3. Toys aren't just for kids
Toys aren't just for kids. There are adult toys that are much more fun.

4. Sex in cars
Now cars are involved because you're older and for some reason having sex in a car is just thrilling.

5. Sex chats
For me personally all my friends have had sex now and I can finally talk about sex with them, share our funny stories and then use them against one another when playing 'never have I ever'. 

6. Experimenting and no I'm not talking science
You've had some time to experiment and you've learned what really turns you on and gets you biting that pillow.

7. Embarrassment goes out of the window
I never get embarrassed anymore. Queefing used to make me want to cry, accidentally headbutting them doesn't make me want to cry either and just genuinely you learn to adapt and get back into being a feisty horny animal straight away.

8. Free sex toys
Since I've started blogging about sex I get the odd sex toy sent my way. Didn't get that a few years ago.

9. I know what I want
I know what I want in the bedroom. I'm a submissive so if you are too then it's just not going to work, sorry.

10. Dressing up
Dressing up and surprising someone in lingerie is one of my favourite past times. Stockings, suspenders, matching underwear set uh heaven. Couldn't afford fancy lingerie back in the day but now...

11. Shock factor
Nothing, and I mean nothing shocks me in the bedroom anymore. There is a fetish for everything.

12. Learning new skills
I can put a condom on with my mouth. Skills ay?

13. Porn is okay
When you're single and it's been a few weeks or days porn is okay...

14. It's not illegal
It's no longer illegal to play around because you're an adult.

15. The people you do the deed with
The people you do the deed with have more experience so hopefully, they're hitting it right.
16. Self-love
Making myself orgasm is no longer a challenge. I can do it in seconds.

17. The myth of love
You don't need to be in love to have bomb ass sex. I'm sorry to end your fairy tales but as long as you fancy him enough to rip his boxers off with your teeth the sex can be amazing with a stranger.

18. Vocal
Being vocal is nothing to hide anymore.

19. Cuddle or not to cuddle
I used to take it personal if the guy didn't cuddle me after sex. Now I know some people like to de-cum themselves and clean up and that's fine by me, I'd much rather you leave straight after a hook up anyways.

20. The 'sex count'
I no longer worry about how many people I've slept with. Life is for living and well at least when I die I will die happily knowing I've had a foursome.

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