Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Pulling my skeletons out of my closet… literally | Organise your closet

I have many skeletons in my closet, by skeletons I mean old clothes that I never wear anymore of course. I have never understood the phrase ‘skeletons in my closet’ surely that would make your clothes stink of corpses and I can’t think of anything worse.

Every morning I swing open my wardrobe doors and stare at a mountain of clothes that I loathe. I will be the first to admit I have too many clothes and my wardrobe being clogged up made it so hard to picture outfits and pick something in the morning to wear. So, I went Blair Waldorf style on my wardrobes arse and got rid of tons of my clothes. Now I can flick through and easily pick out outfits and of course – I have more room to buy new stuff.

Clearing out my wardrobe made me also realise how much my style has changed over the years. So now when I buy something I think about what my style is now and I get a lot more wear out of the pieces I pick up. Graphic t-shirts, funky patterns, vintage blouses, unique pieces, chunky boots, my wardrobe is packed with them.

So get off your phone or laptop and go and clear out your wardrobe – you will feel like a new woman.


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