Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Tinder is slaughtering the world of dating

Netflix and Chill is dead and gone, it’s all about Tindering and Fucking now. Tinder, as we all know, is a ‘dating app’ which makes getting sex as easy as using Just Eat to order yourself a kebab and some cheesy chips – it's merely a click of a button away.

Tinder may have started out as a dating app like many others but it quickly became a zone to find your next shag. It’s no surprise really seeing as you have to judge by appearance on the app and swipe left if you think they’re ugly and right if you want a piece of their kebab meat. You decide whether you want to match/talk to someone by his or her looks, so most conversations start with something provocative due to simply only being sexually attracted to one another. Other than some people having a mere few details in their bio’s it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. It's rare that you find someone you have anything in common with. On sites like Plenty Of Fish you have an actual profile so you can find out some information about that person before you waste your time starting a conversation with someone who has the personality of a spanner. 

Personally, I have only ever used Tinder for a bit of fun and occasionally go on Tinder Social with my friends but I would never use the app to find ‘love’. When I first downloaded it, I did. I thought I could find someone on there but after a few failed attempts I realised the majority of people (not all of them) but most people on there are on there just for sex, for a one time thing, a friends with benefits or just to boost their ego and to be honest that is fine – there is nothing wrong with just having a bit of fun.

But I feel sorry for those who download Tinder in a bid and in hope to find true, genuine love. It’s slaughtering love and people's expectations on what love is – having sex in the back of a car at 12am because neither of you is home alone and you’ve just met on Tinder is not love.

You go to a bar, a club, a social gathering and the place is illuminated by the blue-grey hue of iPhones, as faces peer into the screen swiping left and right to find their next fuck or to find someone better looking than the person currently in their bed. No one is interested in the real life people around them, no one bothers to look around the room to see if anyone catches their attention, why bother when you can just look on your phone?

One million people have downloaded Tinder since it came out, 1.4billion swipes a day, 9 billion matches have been made since the launch in 2012, 12% of users are already in a relationship and we wonder why romance is dead? It’s because we’re all on Tinder looking for someone more good looking than the last person we shagged.

So Tinder, you are not a dating app, you are false advertising. You are simply one of those annoying adverts that you see on the side of porn sites that says ‘find locals to fuck in your local area’ that’s you now Tinder.


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