Monday, 12 December 2016

How I get my hair as volumised as a lion's mane

'Alright lion', 'your hair has more volume than a lions', and 'look at that mane on your head' are the most common phrases people say to me regarding my locks. People also always assume I use about 50 products in my hair but the truth is, I don't.

My hair is naturally thick, which is great for styling but not so much so when I'm sweating to death in the summer. Because of the thickness I use Tangle Teezer's to brush through my hair as nothing else, and I seriously mean nothing else, can get through the knots without knocking 1,000 brain cells out of me with each brush. You know when you have a knot and you brush through it and wince in pain? Yeah, that doesn't happen with Tangle Teezer's.

Once I have fought the war of brushing my hair I section the hair off and grab my chopstick curling wand, which is only £19.99 from Argos. Depending on my mood I'll either give myself tight curly waves (which give me the lion mane look pictured above) or I can transform my hair and make it look like I've been sitting on a beach for a week and create beach waves.

After I have curled my hair, which takes about 15 minutes, I spray it with Elnett hairspray. I always repurchase Elnett because I know it works and I ain’t got the time to buy shit that doesn't work, let's be real.

Lastly, I spray a tiny and I mean tiny, bit of Batiste dry shampoo in my roots. It just gives them a lift and adds so much volume to my hair and also gets rid of any grease.

That’s it. That is literally all I do to get volume in my hair so if you are struggling to get some volume going give this a try and let me know how it goes down!

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