Saturday, 3 December 2016

iPhone 7 Plus review | Why it is so good for a blogger

As a blogger (as I’m sure you’ll agree) your life evolves around your little blog. Taking photos of your meal before you eat it even if it means it goes cold while you get the perfect Instagram picture, photographing products before you use them and of course, constantly scouting for blog post ideas.

As my life evolves around my blog I made the decision to get the iPhone Plus instead of the smaller iPhone 7, and although I now suffer on a night out because I cant put my phone in my bra I now have a big enough screen that I can write blogs posts up on.

I’ve had my iPhone 7 Plus 256GB for over a month now and since I got it I have been more organised, so much more active on my social medias and because the screen is so big I’ve even been writing up blog posts while on the train or while I’m waiting around. It’s like having my blog on the go, 24/7.

I use the apps ‘numbers’ and ‘pages’, which are completely free, to get all my blogging done. Pages is basically like Microsoft Word so I use it to write blog posts and I use Numbers to organise blog posts. I am planning on doing a whole post on how I organise my blog as I have so many unique tips!

Do you blog on your phone?


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