Sunday, 4 December 2016

Programmes to Netflix and Chill with over the Christmas holidays

By ‘Netflix and Chill’ I mean programmes you can cuddle up with and watch while you spend the whole day and night having sex - my favourite festive activity. The worst thing about Netflixing and Chilling is that awkward moment when you’re trying to find a decent programme on Netflix but you can’t find anything and you desperately want to just get it on with some background noise.

Sex is always a good time, well not always depends on how good your partner is but hey ho, the festive season is the perfect time to cuddle up and just get it on. It’s cold outside, it gets dark early and it’s always nice to have a human-sized heat bag. To save you from that awkward argument of what to watch and the dread of finding something last minute here are some shows that will get your juices flowing:

Gossip Girl
There are plenty of sex scenes, everyone is super hot and well Chuck Bass… do I need to say anything else ladies? Your man may not be interested in such a ‘girly’ show but if he thinks he’s getting it he won’t mind. Just makes sure he does you from behind so that you can carry on watching Chuck.
Now, it’s rubbish. BUT you’re not going to be paying full attention anyways! If I’m watching Netflix with someone and I want to get it on I put this on as it is entertaining but only slightly so, so I know they will get bored and want to get it on. Clever aye?

Orange is the New Black
This may have the opposite effect because it is so damn good. It’s a show you can easily cuddle up with and watch throughout the festive season together. It has just the right amount of sexual scenes to get you both in the mood and a fabulous storyline to keep you gripped. Based in a women’s prison so you guessed it, lesbian scenes.

None of these programmes are complicated or need your full attention to get what is going on so they’re perfect if you wanted to start messing around while watching them. 

What programmes would you recommend to Netflix and Chill with?


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