Saturday, 10 December 2016

Quirky facts about the girl behind vavaviolet

It’s all well and good writing about my sexual experiences, giving advice, telling you my opinions on some designer lipstick I probably couldn’t afford but what’s the point in sharing my life with the internet if you don’t know the girl behind Vavaviolet.

What turns me on, what makes me angry (you know so you can piss me off in the comments), what weird things I do in my spare time, I’m going to bare all.

So, I’m Sophie (I much prefer Soph) I’m 20-years-old and…

I feel guilty if I walk past my dogs and don’t stop to stroke them.

My socks are always even. I will never wear odd socks, I’d rather go barefoot.

My friends call me ‘Trump’ because after I brush my hair it resembles Donald Trump’s locks.

The slightest thing makes me horny and I simply can’t seem to turn it off.

I use to practice giving head with my toothbrush. You’re lying if you didn’t.

I have never cried at Mufasa dying in the Lion King…

I collect socks. Yes, yes I am Dobby the house elf.

I’m 5’1ft tall but I never EVER wear flat shoes. Always 4inches of heel can be found on my feet.

I brought an iPad Pro so that I could carry on watching Netflix while I was on the toilet.

If I don’t have a cigarette and a coffee first thing in the morning I am grumpy as hell.

I have Aspergers Syndrome aka my humour is awesome.

I have a fear of leaving something important at home so I will literally check my bag around three to four times before I leave the house.

If my room is a mess I think about it all day – even if I’m not even home.

I have a real geeky side. I know so much knowledge about random crap.

I find thongs to be the most comfortable form of underwear and pretty much wear a thong everyday.

If I see something I like in a shop I have to buy it. My bank account hates me.

People putting ‘lol’ sarcastically when you’re arguing over text actually makes me want to stab them out of pure frustration.

And on that cheery note tell me a quirky fact about yourself in the comments!


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