Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Why women go for bad boys and not the 'good guys'

A guy that is an arse to everyone else but has a soft side for you, the appeal of a 'bad boy' is just too damn hard to resist.

Most of the men I know are lovely, super caring and polite yet I am drawn to the man who swears a lot, has bad manners and is just a full-time dickhead. I'm drawn to their powerful, confident and cocky natures. The idea of a man who is rude to everyone except you, there is something so idiotically appealing about it. Of course, I can only speak for myself.

But why are women so attracted to the stereotypical 'bad boy'? It's the thrill. The thrill of waiting to see if they ring, the satisfying feeling when they hold the door for you and then let go of it as it swings back and hits someone else, their sexual natures, the little challenge you put yourself through to see if you can crack into their soul and make them feel emotions. But maybe, just maybe it's because a lot of us feel like that's all we deserve.

Saying that, my two long-term ex-boyfriends were the opposite. They were brought up right, had manners and they both respect women. But in the year that I was single I was attracted to quite a few 'bad eggs'.

So why are some women attracted to jerks?

Because, like myself, they become too independent. I was too scared to let a nice guy in and have someone look out for me. I had become accustomed to being by myself and I didn't want anyone to take my independence away from me. A 'bad boy' wouldn't care enough about me to take that away from me.

Or perhaps I felt like I didn't deserve a 'nice guy', perhaps I was just used to being the only person who cares about myself, perhaps I was scared that I would be the one to hurt the nice guy.

But ladies, I found a 'nice guy' and I let my walls drop and it was worth it. It's not worth chasing a man who clearly isn't interested. I had to learn the hard way. Don't let a fuck boy waste your time - my words of wisdom for the day.


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