Monday, 23 January 2017

Pinterest round-up: The best of interior inspiration

The first thing I do when I wake up is scroll through Pinterest, and the last thing I do before my beauty sleep is scroll through Pinterest (yes my life is really that sad).

I’m all about gathering inspiration and imagery is one of my favourite ways of doing this. I love creating mood boards and letting ideas fill my mind from interior right down to ideas for breakfast. For me it's what motivates me the best, I can look at one single image and come up with about five different article/content ideas, a plan of what I want the photography that goes along with the article to look like, and then about 10 other ideas after that.

Lately interior has been on my mind 24/7. I want to revamp my room and I’m also starting to think about how fast moving out from my parent's house will come around. I’m 20 now and the goal is to move out around my 22nd birthday. Two years sounds like ages away but in a couple of months, I’ll be turning 21. In excitement, I’ve started buying mugs, tea-towels, and more so I took to Pinterest to create a digital mood board so that I can start visualising what I like and what I need to buy.

It's quite clear that my apartment will just be painted white... It appeals to me so much because I love pops of things. Pops of colour, patterns, textures, the whole sha-bang, and furnishings stand out beautifully against something as plain as a white wall.

The pink lockers used as storage are to die for. I'm literally drooling over how cute they are. That nostalgic vibe as you reach for a document, can you imagine?

The wardrobe display showing off designer pieces is something every fashionista will want in their space. I'm no fashion goddess (what so bloody ever) but god do I love a display that resembles a Yvette Saint Laurent store.

I want cactus' and faux fur EVERYWHERE. Cactus' are so easy to look after, I mean you have to water them like once every couple of months! I think...

An investment I want to make for my space is for a record player. I've always thought records look so retro and the album covers are artwork. How cosy would it be to have one in your living room? I don't think I'd ever leave my home.

What kind of interior do you like? Comment down below or tweet me at @JournalistSoph


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