Wednesday, 11 January 2017

RANT ALERT and fashion trends I'm digging: fishnets, fur coats and pyjama blouses

I’ve never been one to follow fashion trends, I’ll wear what I want when I want to wear it, but I must admit lately the trends have been right up my street.

To work I dress smart and to certain occasions I love to go smart casual but deep down I have a real grungy yet girly style. Fishnets, big fur coats, graphic tees and blouses that look like pyjamas are basically what my wardrobe consists of so right now I suppose I’m ‘fashionable’ right?

I love pairing my big faux fur coats with dark denim or black skinnies and a black or white t-shirt or blouse. It’s super easy to chuck on yet you look like you’ve made some kind of effort. Blouses that look like pyjamas are my favourite because they are just so blooming comfy. I also pair chunky black boots with this look and of course, some fishnet socks or tights poking out.

I’ve always avoided the world of fashion if I’m being honest and reading all the reviews of what people wore at the Golden Globes has made me realise how shitty the industry is. I have a very VERY quirky style. Most of the time people tell me my clothes are ‘different’ and I like that because it’s me and it’s what I like. I’ve never been scared to wear something if I like how it looks I’m going to chuck it on my body. I watched women bitch about other women’s outfits on so many talk shows during and after the Golden Globes, yes you thought Blake Lively’s dress with pockets was hideous but she liked it so who gives a damn.

Wear what you want and wear it whenever. If you want to wear a ball gown to Tesco then you rock that gown down the aisle. 

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