Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What I keep by my desk to maximise productivity yet still keep it looking cute

Grab your duster, a cup of coffee and open up a notepad to take notes on how to create a clean, tidy and inspiring place to work. That is also pretty to look at and photograph of course…

In my room, I have an extremely long white desk that doubles up as my vanity and place to work (as you can quite clearly see in the pictures). To separate these two sections, so that once I’m sat at the work side I stay focused, I have placed a stack of magazines in the middle to work as a divider. I’m a journalist so I use magazines a lot to gather inspiration so this divider is ideal for me as I can pull out magazines to flick through while I’m sat working. I change the magazines each month when the new issues come out, so it’s like my little pit of desperate inspiration when I’m in despair. It’s brilliant.

Next to that, I keep some photos that I deem hilarious of me and my friend Kay, she’s currently away in the army so it’s a nice little reminder that when she’s back I have an excuse to get ridiculously ‘mortal’. And yes, yes my tits are out in that photo.

Next to my pornographic images of myself is a picture in a gold frame of a sloth because well, why not?

On my desk, I have a lot of acrylic storage to store and hold items, such as pens and important documents that I need to deal with, but never do. I find acrylic storage the most appealing because it gives the illusion that it doesn’t take up so much space on a work top, you know what with being see-through and everything. It also means I’m not rooting through for ages trying to find something because I can see it through the draws. However, the only downside to this is that you can’t just shove things in and create a mess because then the whole world can see it. I have a number of different things in these containers from rubbers in the shapes of animals (they’re cute okay), tape, scissors’, glue, and of course as much adorable stationary as they could hold. I also have a mini shorthand book so that I can do interviews at my desk – very handy.

Lastly, I have a lamp that reminds me of the Pixar lamp, some cactus’s because I’m obsessed – although they always stab me when I lean over to turn Pixar lamp on, and some ‘EAT HEALTHY’ books to stare at me and make me feel guilty while I’m eating chocolate cake at my desk at one in the morning… and my pride and joy, my baby, my Ham from Toy Story mug that I use as a pen holder because he’s too precious to put my crusty lips on.

Above the desk, I have a corkboard full to the brim of stuff that makes me happy. Such as an adorable note from my boyfriend, pictures of my best friend Clixby, and other bits and bobs.

I’d love to see what your desk looks like! Tag me in pictures on Twitter at @JournalistSoph or on Instagram @vavaviolett and comment below if you want to know where anything is from or tweet me!


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  1. I really like how you sectioned off your desk into two separate areas-- a vanity and then a more organized desk area. I don't know if I'd be able to keep as large of a desk so neat and tidy like you do since I'm prone to throwing things everywhere. I love how you've laid everything out though, truly.

    xx Heather |


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