Sunday, 8 January 2017

What I would tell my younger self | 'Stop being such a bitch'

If only you could go back in time and tell your younger self that being scene wasn't a cute look and yes, yes Soph you will regret that flesh hole even if it was a small one. Cutting your eyelashes was stupid, seeing if your cat could swim in your paddling pool was again stupid and acting like Regina George was a dick move.

Now that I am 20 years old I have had time to think about what I would do differently or try to at least. Here are 10 things that I wish I could scream at my younger self:

1. You are not Regina George
It was so not fetch to act like Regina George. Acting like a bitch to appear 'cool' was anything but cool and you will realise that being your kind, bubbly self is so much cooler than being an A-grade bitch.

2. Don't get a flesh hole
Even though I luckily didn't get a massive flesh hole one diamond earring still sits differently compared to the other one and it drives my OCD up the bloody wall.

3. Keep your friends close
Don't have petty, childish arguments with your friends - just don't. Make effort with them, be young and go to the cinema, the park and enjoy every moment messing around with them. Because one day you will work full time, spend half your paycheck on bills and have other commitments.

4. Don't cry over maths
Stop crying into your pillow as you fall asleep thinking 'if I don't pass maths I'll fail at life'. Five years later you failed maths yet still made it as a journalist so I promise you it all works out.

5. That goes for science too
You failed science too yet you still get a good job so wipe those tears 12-year-old Soph.

6. Don't suck gummy bears and lob them at your teachers
Don't suck on gummy bears and Haribo's and then throw them at your teachers because one day you will have to queue behind them in a bank and it will make it really awkward for adult Soph.

7. Stop focusing on boyfriends
Both your childhood sweethearts dump you so just focus more on school, getting better grades and your friends. You have plenty of time for messing around with boys after you turn 18.

8. Spend more time with family
For goodness sake go and visit your nan more, take her flowers and help her garden and do her housework. Spend more time doing things with your mum and your aunty's and spend time being a kid with your little brother.

9. Listen to your mama
When she's telling you off - it's for a reason. Stop being a little brat and listen to your mum.

10. Stop curling your bloody hair
Stop curling your hair you're killing it... well you still do it as an adult so really I should take note on this one.

What would you tell your younger self if you had the chance?


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