Sunday, 26 February 2017

Drip, drop, drip, drop | my nails of the week

I've had these nails for over a week now and not one single person has realised that the design is paint dripping... I thought it was obvious but oh well. 

I won't lie, the Kylie Jenner cosmetics inspired me. I am so typical and unoriginal. 

The black is OPI's Classics and the white is also by OPI and is called Classics.

I get a lot of questions asking if my nails underneath my acrylics are f****d so I'm thinking about doing a nail care post for acrylic nails. Would you guys like that?


Friday, 24 February 2017

How to survive being the new girl at work

When I start a new job I like to strut in feeling confident, I like to act like I know exactly what I'm doing, that my life is so well put together and that I have all my shit together. 

The truth is I've probably had four coffees, a Mars Bar on the way to work to give me some energy because I forgot to have breakfast and I probably stayed awake until 1am watching American Horror Story on Netflix. Because my life is so far from perfect, but I still get up every morning and get it together.

When I started my current job as an apprentice journalist I was shitting it. I felt so stupid compared to everyone else. I constantly put myself down and compared myself to everyone else in the office. What I didn't consider was this, I was an apprentice a huge part of my job is to learn how to do the job. Nearly two years later I feel a lot more confident, I know my strengths and my weaknesses. My grammar is weak but if someone is crying during an interview and I need to get a story out of them, I will get that story out of them. I know how to adapt and comfort them and I know how to make someone feel at ease with me. However, I suck when it comes to some aspects of grammar and that's okay - no body in any job role can be perfect at every aspect of their job. Luckily I have a very understanding and patient editor who knows these weaknesses and strengths and spends a lot of time making sure I finish my apprenticeship. In return, I read and learn more about grammar in my spare time.

Let's snap back to the point, I made it through that first day, first week, month and year and I'm going to tell you how I survived and put the nerves to the back of my mind. 

I made an effort
The first day and week I made an effort to speak to everyone in the office. You are going to spend a lot of time with the people you work with so it's good to show them that you are a person who can have a laugh and they can chit chat to you. My biggest lesson I have learnt was to not spend all your work time chit chatting. You're there to work so work. For example, while waiting for your lunch to cook in the microwave strike about a conversation with whoever walks into the kitchen but keep the chit chatting to times like that. This was hard for me because I talk to literally everyone and anyone. I shit and chat to drunk people on the bus all the time... 

Put the kettle on
Doing little things like making everyone a cuppa is a good way to work yourself into the team and show them that you are a team player. I make a crap cup of tea but I still do it to pull my weight in the office.

Hold your head high
Being the new girl can be so daunting. But don't forget to remain professional. You're at work not the pub. It's not a place to talk about your problems or love life. Don't get me wrong you will build friendships and and in your spare time you can talk about dick and boys.

Show em
You may be nervous but you need to prove that you did in fact deserve the job. Give it your all and show them what you can. 

So readers I want to know, how have you survived being the new girl at work?


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

10 signs you're a shitty girlfriend

I’m going to tell you straight, if you nod and see yourself in more than five of these points you’re either a shitty girlfriend or you have a shitty girlfriend.

1.    When he tells you a secret you tell your friends - just don’t do it. He trusted you to keep it between you both.
2.    You take your moods out on him ALL THE TIME – we all do it now and again but if you do it 24/7 you need to chill out.
3.    You don’t listen to him - when he talks about something he loves (like football) you zone out and don’t pay attention. Now, ladies, we all know if he did that to you he’d be a dead man.
4.    You control him - controlling someone is just frankly wrong and if you’re doing it then you my friend, are a shithead.
5.    You don’t make effort with him - he always makes the plans, organises everything and he always pays. Get off your arse and fight for equality like the rest of us.
6.    You put him down – this goes hand in hand with controlling. If he wears something you don’t like just shut up and deal with it because he likes it.
7.    You’re extremely high maintenance – you nitpick at anything and everything and his money is all you care about.
8.    You’re overly jealous – it’s okay to get jealous but when it’s so bad that you’re arguing all of the time then you need to do something about it.
9.    Everything is about you – you don’t care about him or what he does you only care about yourself and what you’re doing.
10.    You try to change him – let him be and just love him for him.

This was just a fun little post today and kind of a rant, but just kind of…

What do you think makes a shitty girlfriend?


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette review

I am so stoked about today’s review, I received it as a Christmas present (boyfriend did good, 10 points to David) and it is the only palette I have used since. Even my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes have taken a back seat and ladies, that is a bigger deal than the Queen stepping down.

I will say, I have always avoided eyeshadow palettes that have a lot of dark shades before this one. I was so worried that I would end up looking like 13-year-old goth Soph or resembling a panda. So I thought, I would use one quiet evening to just play around with the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette and that way I wasn’t in a rush and if it looked terrible I could just wipe it off and start again. And well, I bloody love dark shadows now…

First things first, let address the packaging. It’ sturdy as hell and I reckon wouldn’t break easily. The design is elegant and the marble effect is just so on trend. It looks adorable in your makeup collecting or sitting on your vanity.

It comes with a dual ended brush which, to be honest, is pretty decent. One side is a blending fluffy brush while the other end is a shorter, more compact pencil brush that is sized well for adding depth to a smoky eye. Usually, the brushes inside are shit but this one blends and applies nicely. I used it once when I was away and forgot to pack eyeshadow brushes so had to do the entire look with this brush and it still looked pretty damn epic if I must say so myself.

The palette itself comes with 12 shades, four shimmer shades, four mattes and four satin shades. It also has a massive mirror which is perfect when doing your makeup on the tube. It has everything you need, I tend to use the mattes the most but that’s just my preference. It has a really nice balance of warm and cool shadows that should flatter anyone. The black is as smooth and dark as I'd hope for it to be, and the highlight is a wonderful shade to work with all looks. The pigmentation though is to die for. Urban Decay you have done it again!

In the picture, I am wearing ‘Thirteen’ all over the lid as a base and also as a highlight in the corner of my eye. I’ve run ‘Whiskey’ through my crease (well that sounds so wrong) and then I’ve used ‘Black Market’ to create depth.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on the Smoky palette? Will you be picking up the Naked Smoky Palette? Share in the comments!


Friday, 17 February 2017

One woman reveals the heart breaking truth about being single

One woman opened up and shared with me the heart-breaking truth about being single in her opinion and things got real, fast.

In a society where social media is constantly at our fingertips and you can scroll through viewing happy couple after happy couple things can get a little frustrating. People assume you should ‘work on yourself’ while you’re single but what happens when you have already worked on yourself?

I asked one young woman an array of questions to find out how she truly feels about being single, and she cut the crap and told me exactly how she really feels about it. The woman in question asked to be anonymous as this was very personal to her.

I’ve been single for two years now and I personally hate it. I know someone reading this would give me the generic advice to find myself, be self-confident and love myself. I do all those things, in fact I'm always praised for being independent, self-loving and very sure of myself. Being in love with yourself doesn't mean you don't hate being single. I don't appreciate that attitude that people push into their advice they give me. I'm doing great but I strongly and confidently admit I hate being single!

I miss being in a relationship because I miss the closeness, having a best friend who is also someone you love, I miss regular touch (non-sexual and sexual), I miss having someone to talk to all the time. Yes my friends all provide these things essentially but you cannot argue it’s not the same as a romantic relationship. I miss the romance, intimacy and I guess intensity of liking someone that much. I like having someone special.

I don’t have sex currently. The last time I got "laid" was with my ex which went horribly wrong due to him not caring too much about if I was comfortable. My uneasy sex with him has caused me to sort of run away from it. I don't usually open up about this. Since then my sex drive has plummeted and I find it very hard to feel a sexual way towards anyone. Thus I haven't slept with anyone for this whole time. Friends find it crazy and puzzling how I've managed to do that. They see it as if I’m restraining but I'm not, I just have no urge to follow through. I believe that when I find someone I connect with emotionally, who will make me comfortable, I may start to feel sexually attracted again. I could have casual sex, I have no issues with it, but I know I won't enjoy it, as I'm not connected to that person. Also, if it is just casual sex, the other person probably won't be patient or understanding enough to understand me and how I feel odd about sex.

Last year both my flatmates constantly had their boyfriends round. My best friends are in relationships or seeing someone or at least have an exciting love life. It makes me feel terrible at times. It didn't bug me for a good year but recently I feel I've been single for a long time and that if they're finding people they love so much and having such a great time, why can't I? I'm usually quite unlucky, I tend to get screwed over quite a bit. I think that’s a key part of modern dating however. At times like that I question if there’s something wrong with me. I usually just see it as its probably going to work out when it should work out. Maybe now isn't the time?

However, I don’t worry about being single. It's not a priority for me to have a relationship. It’s not something I want more than success and a good future. But, it would be nice. I don't particularly worry about being single I just find it lonely. I'm surrounded by great friends but it doesn't fill the romantic void. For me it’s less worry and more a lack. I feel like that part of my life is non-existent.

I have a lot of self confidence, at the same time many insecurities. However, I don't let them dominate my thinking when it comes to my self worth. I know my personality is great, that I'd be a good partner! For me that’s what is the most important. When I do talk to guys I like or approach someone I don't think about my looks too much, but I think that’s just me. My confidence is probably my biggest blessing. As for my looks, I'm not 100% happy with them, but who is? I like to believe that my looks are maybe the 10th thing about me, my honesty, integrity, hard work, intelligence are hopefully things people appreciate more. I'm looking for a partner who sees that, not just my face/body.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

New in | Lush Cosmetics haul

My father texted me and told me that he was in Lush and asked if I wanted anything and well, you always need something when you go in there… right?

My dad is not the kind of bloke you would expect to love Lush Cosmetics, he does a lot of building work and is very ‘stereotypically manly’ but he, funnily enough, adores Snow Fairy and having the occasional bath bomb in his bath. So luckily for me, he is always in there as there isn’t one near where I live.

As he offered, I asked him to grab me a Popcorn Lip Scrub as mine was mega old and all dried up. The lil tub made of glass is £5.50 and one of the cheapest lip scrubs on the market. Peculiarly it removes all the dry skin which then seems to just disappear and the revolting dead skin is nowhere to be seen. Also, it abnormally doesn’t leave my lips sore like the other lip scrubs I have tested out.

The second thing on my list was a shaving cream I have wanted to try for donkey’s years, Ambrosia. It has got honey, oils and cocoa butter in it to help your razor blade glide while protecting your skin underneath. So hopefully it does just that. I’ll post a review once I have used it a couple of times. I decided to get the smallest size available priced at £4.95 because there is no point spending a tenner on it if I don’t like it. If you’re trying out something for the first time from Lush, or anywhere for that matter, I always recommend getting the smallest size and therefore usually the cheapest to see whether you like it before taking out a loan to help finance your beauty spending.

The last thing I asked my father to get me was the Valentine’s Day special bath bomb, Lover Lamp. I didn’t take it out to photograph because then I’ll have to use it soon and I like to keep my bath bombs in the little bags until I use them (I’m a rare kind of doesn’t display them I know). The bath bomb is £4.25 and is described on Lush’s website as an amorous organic cocoa butter that you should embrace to melt your heart and soften your skin. The reviews said it had a chocolate orange scent so naturally, I wanted it.

I also asked my dad to pick me up the sea salt shampoo called Big, which the website told me would make me feel like a mermaid. It’s a volumising shampoo made with seaweed and sea salt – I’ve used it once and it smells absolute shit. However, my hair felt even thicker and was more voluminous afterwards so we’ll see what I think of it when it comes down to when I write up my review.

My dad saw the shower gel It’s Raining Men and thought of me because he knows I like anything sweet scented. Its main ingredient is honey and dear god does it smell good.

If you would like to see any of these reviewed or you’ve tried them yourself please let me know in the comments below.


Monday, 13 February 2017

My honest 8 year experience on the contraceptive pill

I gained a stone, bleed like I was dying, cried like a bitch, but now we're best friends.

I went on the contraceptive pill when I was 12 years old, so eight years ago and I'm still on it till this day and I have never had a break from it. So it’s fair to say that I can share my experience as I have been on it long enough. But please do remember, this is MY experience and everyone’s experience on medication/ pills is different so don’t just go by what I say – speak to your GP and do your own research too.  

I'm on the Zelleta pill that comes in 75 microgram tablets and contains the hormone Desogestrel.

Desogestrel is a progestin used in hormonal contraceptives. Most combined oral pills contain it and its estrogen dosage is lower than what was previously used in the pill and therefore allegedly reduces the likelihood of weight gain, breast tenderness, and migraines.  

You may know that there is a hell of a lot of controversy surrounding contraceptives containing Desogestrel. Studies as far back as 1995 suggested that the risk of blood clots is doubled for women on these pills, the one I take daily. However, it was discovered (so they say) that drugs containing Desogestrel as the only active ingredient do not show an increase in the risk of blood clots.

So, you're probably wondering, why do you take a pill that some experts say is deadly? Why consume something that is so extremely controversial? Because it works for me.  

For eight years my body has grown on this pill, transformed and aged. For my pill to work and stop me getting pregnant I have to take it every single day and at the same time each day. For the first couple of years, I took it consistently and rarely forgot to take it. In eight years I have never had a pregnancy scare, never even needed to take a pregnancy test and I have had an overall tremendous experience (and yes, I have been regularly sexually active throughout my time on this pill because I can’t seem to function without sex).

Do I still take it daily and if not does it affect me? Honestly, no I don't. I often forget to take it. Because my body is so used to it now I can forget the occasional day and not fall pregnant (so far, quickly touching wood right now. Do not recommend my idiocy always take your pill). For me to fall pregnant now I would probably have to not take my pill for a whole year before my body could even fall pregnant. However, nothing is impossible and it's important to remember that it could happen and you could very well fall pregnant after not taking it for a day. But there is one thing if I miss a couple of days in a row Mother Nature greets me. 
Periods, how have I not mentioned Satan yet. My pill stops me having them, fabulous right? No cramps, no mess and no moods for 4-7 days of the month. Honestly, in my opinion, it is my favourite part of being on this pill. I can't remember what a period cramp feels like now, it's been years. But if I forget to take my pill a lot that month I have a 'little bleed'. A 'little bleed' is just that, blood spotting or more frank my body releases a tiny bit of blood. But there are no period cramps and no mood swings. I can choose when I allow my body to do this, all I have to do is stop taking my pill for a couple of days. But I do not recommend this. I've been on this pill for nearly a decade and I know how my body works, yours is completely different.

A lot of people ask me if my pill made me put on weight (because it's debated whether they do increase weight gain) and to be honest, its hard to tell. Because I went on the pill when I was 12, had ‘puppy fat’ and my body was already changing it was hard to tell whether it was the pill making me gain weight or just my body transforming. I did gain a lot of weight around the time I went on the pill, however. Another reason it’s hard to tell is because I do little to no exercise and eat like a bloody pig (feel free to send me your diet tips).

If you have any other questions please feel free to tweet me them at @JournalistSoph comment below or email me at

Photo credit: Getty Images.


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

50 weird and random questions tag | I tag you!

The Andrex puppy used to make my cry, clowns make me cry and deep down I bloody love a football hooligan film.

I’m creating this 50 weird and random tag so that you guys can get to know me a little better and so that you yourself can do the tag and let your readers and followers know a little more about you too. So, I tag every single person reading this!

1. What were you like as a little kid? - I was incredibly stubborn, bossy and I was always in charge. I was practically a child businesswoman.
2. Who are you closest to in your family? - My mum, whenever I am having a love or life crisis I always seek her advice. So I seek her advice daily.
3. Who do you think you’re most like in your family? - My dad. I have his work ethic, humour, and his nose.
4. What’s your favourite memory from growing up? – It would have to be playing ‘suck and lob’ in my English class in year 10. We would suck a Haribo sweet and throw it at the ceiling so it stuck and waited to see how long it would take our teacher to notice.
5. What was your favourite subject in school? – I have a real geeky side so I didn’t just have one, my favourites were: English Language, English Literature, Media Studies, Graphic Design, Art, and Law.
6. Tell me about your best friend. – Ha. They are all diamonds. However, they are nightmares but it keeps me entertained.
7. Why did you choose the secondary school you chose? – Because my friends were going there. What a sheep…
8. What to you is a “perfect” day? – Shopping, cinema, trip to the pub. Or chilling by a pool in a hot country and then going on a wild night out. Either will do.
9. Which would be harder for you to give up: coffee or alcohol? – Oh, alcohol. I often have a glass of wine with dinner.
10. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why? – Brad Pitt. I’d make him spoil Jennifer Aniston for the day and make him make up for his behaviour.
11. What is something you wish people asked you more often? – If I’m okay. If you’re a bubbly person people assume you’re always fine.
12. If you were a stereotypical character in a movie, who would you be? – I like to think I’d be the independent woman stereotype. You know the woman who is sassy and has a massive wardrobe full of clothes because she spends her entire life just working…
13. What is the movie you tell everyone is your favourite, and what is your actual favourite? – I tell everyone my favourite movie is Dirty Dancing but really it’s Green Street because I love a good old football hooligan film.
14. What was the last book you read that really resonated with you? – Girl Boss. The woman started her career by shoplifting and is now a millionaire I mean c’mon!
15. Pizza or wine? – Wine. That’s a silly question.
16. Salty or sweet? – Sweet. But I can handle it salty.
17. Summer or Fall? – Fall.
18. What’s your favourite holiday that isn’t Christmas or your birthday? – Halloween. I literally love everything about it.
19. If you could find out the truth to one unsolved mystery, which would you pick and why? – The Madeleine McCann mystery. There are so many unanswered questions and it bothers me massively every time I think about it.
20. What is your favourite thing to do? – Write. I could spend all day writing.
21. What is your favourite feature about yourself? – It is so weird but my hands. I just have really nice hands lol.
22. What’s the dumbest thing you’re afraid of? – Clowns, they scare me so much I actually get teary.
23. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? – My old cat Tiggy that I got given to me when I was like three.
24. What is a TV show you can quote every line from? – Keeping up with the Kardashians. I know I am tragic.
25. What are you really, really good at? – Getting my own way. I can talk my way out of any situation or get anything I want.
26. Do you think you’d want to be famous? – It depends on what I was famous for. I would love to be a famous author.
27. If yes, how do you think you’d handle it? – Oh, easily.
28. What’s your superpower? – My way with words.
29. What superpower would you want? – To clone myself. So I could have loads of me out doing things. So if I want to chill at home and not go to work I can do.
30. What is your favourite quote? – Fell down seven times, stood back up eight times.
31. What is a song that you can’t help but sing along to whenever you hear it? – Hungry Eyes, from Dirty Dancing.
32. How would you describe yourself in just five words? – Sassy, independent, workaholic, confident, bubbly.
33. What makes you laugh the hardest? – My friends. I always laugh loads when I’m around them.
34. Who is your favourite TV couple that you think of when you think of “relationship goals”? – Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl, duh.
35. Why are you in the field that you’re in? – I love gossip so being a journalist suits that perfectly really.
36. What do you love most about your job? – Meeting loads of new people.
37. What do you like the least about it? – Finger cramp from typing (it’s a thing).
38. What is your most bizarre talent? – I can effortlessly put on a condom with my mouth. Well, you did ask…
39. What’s your karaoke go to? - These words are my own by some Natasha bird.
40. Who is the one person in this world that knows you best? – My friend Clixby. Poor thing.
41. What do you love to do on your days off? – Work on my blog. I really don’t do much else other than just work.
42. Do you think money really buys happiness? – Duh. I was sadder when I was poorer.
43. So what is happiness to you? – Having a coffee and a cigarette in the morning.
44. What is something you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do? – Publish my own book, ride a giraffe and fuck David Beckham.
45. Have you ever fought with a stranger online about something? – In the comments section of the Daily Mail every single day. It has become a hobby.
46. What to you is the perfect way to spend a weekend? – Being productive and getting loads done for, night out with friends and visiting my nan.
47. Tell me about the best party you’ve ever been to. – I’m going to save this to do a blog post on it because things got a little messy.
48. Is there a documentary or book that really changed the way you thought about something? – The documentary that came out this year on 100 Years of Vogue. I’m still not sure if it made me want to work there or not.
49. How do you think you’d do in the Hunger Games? – I would kill every bitch to survive. No guilt here.
--> 50. What commercials make you cry? – The Andrex puppy used to make me teary when I was little because he was so darn cute.


Sunday, 5 February 2017

How blind people are really treated by the British public in the dangerous London Undergrounds

I placed a pair of blacked out glasses that blocked my vision on the bridge of my nose and behind my ears, and used a white cane to investigate how the public actually treat the blind. I wanted to test to see if the British public help them, especially while travelling around the dangerous London underground's. The answer is no, while doing it for only a mere three hours I struggled and blind people do everyday.

It may surprise some of you but some people are blind 24/7. I was acting as if I was blind undercover, I know my way away around London like the back of my hand, I could lift up the glasses and see perfectly whenever I was in fear of being too close to a platform. The glasses were so blacked out that I felt fearful the whole time. The temptation to lift them up or remove them every single second was unbearable but I didn’t. Why? Well blind people can't just bring back their sight so it wouldn't of been a fair experiment if I did.

I want to make this very clear – I am not attacking the London Underground itself. I am attacking the public, I am speaking to you reading this right now. I’m speaking to the commuters in a rush yet can still get a Starbucks, I’m addressing tourists, I’m addressing everyone who has ever or will ever use the London Undergrounds.

RNIB a charity that support people with sight loss state on their website that all underground trains, except those on the Metropolitan line, have audible announcements, which assist the blind by providing them with information such as announcing each station as you arrive. While I was walking around the stations there was also audible announcements at most of them, which was a massive help and made me feel some comfort in my surroundings. While on the platforms along the edge there is tactile paving so I could feel when I was close to a platform or in danger of being too close (by feeling the difference in paving texture under my feet).

I put the sunglasses on and whipped my prop of a white cane out as I was approaching King’s Cross St Pancras. I didn't want anyone to clock that I was acting and I must say, I put on quite the Oscar worthy performance. All my life I have helped blind people where I can, even if they are with a guide dog I stop and ask if they know what direction they're headed - who knows, for all you know they cold be lost and 100 people before you haven't bothered to ask. I sadly discovered that this is a problem.

A cleaner in King's Cross passed me and stared at me, men and women in designer clothes didn't bother to help, and the general public were just shocking.

Being on one of the tube trains itself was simple, once I’d managed to get there. Someone tapped my shoulder and guided me to their seat – may I add, this person was the only person in three hours that offered me any help what so ever.
I spent the whole 30 minutes sitting down, perfectly still, with no headphones in so that people believed that I was listening to the robot woman (the lady coming out of the speaker) telling me what station was approaching, what station I was at and what side of the doors opened.

Once I was off of the tube was a whole other story. I used the white cane and moved it left to right so that I could make sure the pathway was clear and that I wasn’t going to bump into anybody. On many occasions my stick touched someone or bumped into them. That had mixed reactions. Most would stare at me, not realising that I could actually see their expression and look at me in pity or stare me blankly in the face looking annoyed at the fact that they had to move or that my stick has touched their precious legs. No one asked if I needed help. Even when I stood and clearly looked lost.

I used my hand a lot to see what my surroundings were. Touching a chair meant that I was safe as I was near a seat and could sit down and be still, touching another person even though it was a stranger filled me with a strange comfort as it meant I wasn't alone.

All in all I learnt one thing, people don’t respect the blind as much as I thought they did. Most looked at me like I was a nuisance. So many people whispered to one another while staring at me and most shockingly some even laughed or smirked at me. If only they knew I was watching them the whole entire them.

I ask you this, the British public – help those with sight loss, respect them and offer them a helping hand. It’s two seconds of your day but means the world to them.

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