Wednesday, 22 February 2017

10 signs you're a shitty girlfriend

I’m going to tell you straight, if you nod and see yourself in more than five of these points you’re either a shitty girlfriend or you have a shitty girlfriend.

1.    When he tells you a secret you tell your friends - just don’t do it. He trusted you to keep it between you both.
2.    You take your moods out on him ALL THE TIME – we all do it now and again but if you do it 24/7 you need to chill out.
3.    You don’t listen to him - when he talks about something he loves (like football) you zone out and don’t pay attention. Now, ladies, we all know if he did that to you he’d be a dead man.
4.    You control him - controlling someone is just frankly wrong and if you’re doing it then you my friend, are a shithead.
5.    You don’t make effort with him - he always makes the plans, organises everything and he always pays. Get off your arse and fight for equality like the rest of us.
6.    You put him down – this goes hand in hand with controlling. If he wears something you don’t like just shut up and deal with it because he likes it.
7.    You’re extremely high maintenance – you nitpick at anything and everything and his money is all you care about.
8.    You’re overly jealous – it’s okay to get jealous but when it’s so bad that you’re arguing all of the time then you need to do something about it.
9.    Everything is about you – you don’t care about him or what he does you only care about yourself and what you’re doing.
10.    You try to change him – let him be and just love him for him.

This was just a fun little post today and kind of a rant, but just kind of…

What do you think makes a shitty girlfriend?


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