Friday, 24 February 2017

How to survive being the new girl at work

When I start a new job I like to strut in feeling confident, I like to act like I know exactly what I'm doing, that my life is so well put together and that I have all my shit together. 

The truth is I've probably had four coffees, a Mars Bar on the way to work to give me some energy because I forgot to have breakfast and I probably stayed awake until 1am watching American Horror Story on Netflix. Because my life is so far from perfect, but I still get up every morning and get it together.

When I started my current job as an apprentice journalist I was shitting it. I felt so stupid compared to everyone else. I constantly put myself down and compared myself to everyone else in the office. What I didn't consider was this, I was an apprentice a huge part of my job is to learn how to do the job. Nearly two years later I feel a lot more confident, I know my strengths and my weaknesses. My grammar is weak but if someone is crying during an interview and I need to get a story out of them, I will get that story out of them. I know how to adapt and comfort them and I know how to make someone feel at ease with me. However, I suck when it comes to some aspects of grammar and that's okay - no body in any job role can be perfect at every aspect of their job. Luckily I have a very understanding and patient editor who knows these weaknesses and strengths and spends a lot of time making sure I finish my apprenticeship. In return, I read and learn more about grammar in my spare time.

Let's snap back to the point, I made it through that first day, first week, month and year and I'm going to tell you how I survived and put the nerves to the back of my mind. 

I made an effort
The first day and week I made an effort to speak to everyone in the office. You are going to spend a lot of time with the people you work with so it's good to show them that you are a person who can have a laugh and they can chit chat to you. My biggest lesson I have learnt was to not spend all your work time chit chatting. You're there to work so work. For example, while waiting for your lunch to cook in the microwave strike about a conversation with whoever walks into the kitchen but keep the chit chatting to times like that. This was hard for me because I talk to literally everyone and anyone. I shit and chat to drunk people on the bus all the time... 

Put the kettle on
Doing little things like making everyone a cuppa is a good way to work yourself into the team and show them that you are a team player. I make a crap cup of tea but I still do it to pull my weight in the office.

Hold your head high
Being the new girl can be so daunting. But don't forget to remain professional. You're at work not the pub. It's not a place to talk about your problems or love life. Don't get me wrong you will build friendships and and in your spare time you can talk about dick and boys.

Show em
You may be nervous but you need to prove that you did in fact deserve the job. Give it your all and show them what you can. 

So readers I want to know, how have you survived being the new girl at work?


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