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5 coffee table books that look good and are also interesting to read

A coffee table is not complete until a pile of coffee table books are placed neatly on it, along with some cutesy coasters and a glass of wine (okay the wine wasn’t needed but I’m in my twenties and my life isn’t perfect so an alcoholic beverage can frequently be found sitting there).

I adore ‘coffee table books’ by this phase I’m sure you all know what I mean – a book or books placed on a coffee table that are easy to read and feature mainly pictures. The purpose of placing books somewhere where you place your wine and snacks is so that your guests or yourself have something to pick up and flick through/or read.

I like coffee table books that look pretty displayed but are also interesting to read. If you can decorate your room with pretty things that can also serve another function why wouldn’t you? There is nothing cosier than reading while curled up on the sofa.

Here are my five favourite books to display and read:

‘Face’ By Pixiwoo

I have been a fan of the Pixiwoo sisters for about five years now so when they released a book I threw it into my basket in Waterstones when it was on offer for £10. If you don’t know who they are they’re YouTubers who focus on giving helpful makeup tutorials.

Face is one of my favourite coffee table books because it is so beautifully illustrated and uses photos from their tutorials which are just so eye-catching. The book also includes advice, techniques and top tips for your skin, brows, eyes, lashes and lips.

It’s one of those books that every woman (or man) who sits on your coach will want to pick up and flick through. It’s an easy read and is fabulous for any absolute beginner, aspiring make-up artist or anyone simply looking to try out something new, who happens to be sat on your sofa.

Also (and ladies we all know this is mega important) it is great for creating flat-lays and using for photography purposes. 

‘Whose Life Is It Anyway? Living Life on Your Own Terms’ By Dr Linda Papadopoulos

As a 20-year old, whose life is seriously stressful and the majority of my time is spent sitting on a toilet with the seat down while I breathe in and out because everything in existence stresses me out, this book was perfect for me.

Linda talks about how there is more pressure on 20-year-olds now than ever before. Whether it's the proliferation or the homogeneity of images of beauty and success that wallpaper our world, we know what a beautiful woman looks like and we know what a perfect life looks like too (thanks, Instagram). We live in a world that floods us with expectations about everything - from what we should weigh to what we should wear to how often we should be having sex and how much money we should be making.
The book refers to the consequence of living like this and wanting what everyone else appears to have. It helps you to understand that ‘the perfect life’ does not exist and it soothes the anxiety surrounding wanting it. And it teaches you that right now in your twenties when life should be exciting, fun and relatively care-free.
Although it’s not a typical ‘coffee table book’ with lots of pretty pictures and large fonts it is one that grabs the attention and is an interesting read. So you know, if you have a guest round that you don’t like give them this and they’ll be so distracted they won’t even talk. You’re welcome.

‘How Star Wars Conquered the Universe’ By Chris Taylor

It’s always good to have some kind of movie book on a coffee table, in my opinion. Coffee tables are usually in the entertainment room such as the living room with a TV so it’s nice and fitting. My choice is this one all about Star Wars and how the films were made.

It’s packed to the brim with facts and pictures so it is such a handy one to just pick up and glance at every now and again. 

‘How to Sound Cultured: Master the 250 Names that Intellectuals Love to Drop into Conversation’ By Hubert Van Den Bergh & Thomas W. Hodgkinson

Who doesn’t want to sound cultured and intelligent? And now thanks to my little coffee table book all my guests can join me in discussing which philosopher had the maddest hairstyle, which novelist drank 50 cups of black coffee every day, and what on earth did Simone de Beauvoir see in Jean-Paul Sartre? 

I must say, I have learned a shit ton since picking this book up.

‘Men vs Cats’

I picked this up in Urban Outfitters for £8.99 and it is the best damn £8.99 I have ever spent. It is literally a book just full of cute pictures of cats and hot guys. Is there anything better than that? Nope, I didn’t think so.

Let me know in the comments if you plan on reading any of these books or what you thought of them if you have! 


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