Friday, 24 March 2017

HAUL | New in beauty, NYX Cosmetics, YSL, and more!

As you’re reading this I am hardcore dieting so I’m not buying clothes (because you know hopefully soon my clothes won’t fit me) so instead I went makeup shopping and now I’m filing for bankruptcy but at least my makeup will be on point.

I went into the Boots in Chichester while I was up that way with my boyfriend visiting his family and well, it is the best Boots I have ever been in. It had every single brand including a massive NYX Cosmetics counter. It’s fair to say it left quite the hole in my purse.

I often get a little carried away with reading reviews on products I've never tried before and as I’m such a huge beauty and cosmetic enthusiast, I do like to give most things a go. A lot of the things in this little splurge I’ve never used before but have heard good things about and I felt that they would make great additives to my makeup collection.

The only thing that wasn’t from Boots was the facemask in the style of a milk cartoon which I found in a little nick nack shop.

If there is anything here you would like to see a review on let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure I do it!


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