Friday, 10 March 2017

How you know that you're in love

I used to throw men away like I throw underwear away, I did it weekly. I've realised what I want and now I will never settle for anything less and you shouldn't either. 

I changed how I did dating and if I was on a date and I didn't enjoy myself, felt no spark or wasn't attracted to them I would ghost or politely say 'sorry I'm not after anything serious'. That famous line is a lie, if someone ever says it to you they are lying. You just weren't good enough to make them want something serious. I didn't want anything serious at all but when I met my boyfriend I knew I wanted to be with him. If they actually blow your mind then you will want something serious with them - you see what I mean, it takes a certain someone to make your mind switch and want to be serious. 

But how do you know when it goes past lust and starts turning into wanting to be serious with them/falling in love? Well...

Get outta my mind
You simply can not get them out of your mind. You think about them more often than you'd like to admit, everything reminds you of them and if you're still thinking about them months after missing your chance then you made a big mistake. 

Your jaw aches 
And no I don't mean in a sexual way - although if they're that good that your jaw aches then marry them right now. They make you laugh all the time, they brighten up your day, or they're the only light in your day. Being in their company just makes you feel comfortable and you always look forward to seeing them. 

The truth comes out
You start opening up to them and telling them your deepest darkest secrets. You trust them enough to spill the beans, they become your best friend and they can't judge you for that time you couldn't turn on a calculator in a maths exam and therefore failed.

Home sweet home
They feel like home. You can just fall into their arms after a long day at work and you just feel a comfort like nothing else.

Your commitment issues fly away. You no longer picture fucking the hot bartender as he pours your cocktail, or shagging your doctor or your boyfriend's friends. The idea just goes out of your mind and your slaggy ways vanish. 

I want to hear your stories, how did you fall in love and when did you realise you were in love? Comment below ladies or email me at


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