Sunday, 12 March 2017

NEW IN | Shoes I've recently bought

When I was little I hated buying shoes. I had one pair throughout secondary school and those were my all black Vans that I wore for school and at weekends. Of course, every time they started to break I bought a new pair (that were exactly the same) but I never had an interest in shoes.

Nowadays, however, I could never have enough of them. They are now my favourite fashion piece to buy and I would choose a cute pair of shoes over a bag any day. 

Chunky monkey shoes as I call them are my favourites. I love nothing more than some chunky high heeled boots paired with some skinnies or a t-shirt dress. They suit me perfectly, the chunkiness meets my tomboy needs and the high heel makes me feel like I'm in Scream Queens (when does that air again? I can't wait any longer).

Last week I was strolling through my local shopping centre as it is right next to my office and the large red 'shoe sale' sign in the Newlook window was just calling my name. Now, I hate sales, can't stand them but when it's for shoes it is a whole different story!

I picked up these snake print boots for £9 reduced from £27.99, the black pair with the gold detailing and the laces for £12 reduced from £34.99 and the plain black pair of boots for £10 down from £21.99. Not bad ay? They were all in the sale because they're classed as 'winter boots' but for someone like me who wears boots all year round no matter the weather it was heavenly. 

Recently my Nan kindly gifted me these bad boy star print boots from Public Desire and oh my, they are a bitch to walk in. I wear them anyways but don't be mistaken, I am in a great deal of pain when I have these on my little feet. They're quite heavy as well but I love them nether the less. 

She also kindly got me them in the all black version as well and I just walk through the pain. I'm getting good at hiding the fact I'm dying from my facial expressions, to be honest. 

I haven't done a haul in such a long time but if you guys would like to see more then let me know because I'm always adding something new to my wardrobe, beauty draws or to my geeky bookshelf. Leave me a comment down below, I'd love to know which shoes I got are your faves! 


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