Sunday, 19 March 2017

The £2 nail polish that you need in your life

I often take my own nail polish to the salon because I'm a freak and the thought of a brush going over my nails after it's gone over a stranger's dirty nails grosses me out. Just me? thought so.

I have so many nail polishes but there is one I always take with me and it was a mere £2... I can't even buy a coffee out for £2 so you can't argue with that price. The pink pictured above is from the Sinful Colours Kylie Jenner range and it is to die for. 

I always avoided buying cheap nail polishes because I just assumed they wouldn't last but let me tell you, if you have acrylic nails then no nail polish no matter how crap it is will chip. I asked my nail technician once why my vanish never ever chips and he said it's because of the texture of the acrylics and the super strong top coat they apply over the vanish. So I can get away with wearing cheap as chips vanish. 

Now that I have learned this I am on the hunt for some super cheap nail polish brands that have a good colour selection. Any ideas ladies?


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  1. Your nail looks amazing. I love this color. It is necessary to buy good quality nail polish as many cheap nail paints have a high amount of toxic substances which are dangerous for health.
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