ROOM TOUR: Inside VavaViolet's Editor-in-Chiefs quirky bedroom and office

I'm a nosey lil thing so one of my favourite past times is to watch room tours on YouTube or scroll through pretty pictures while munching on a salad in awe of beautiful homeware. I feel selfish enjoying every body else's rooms and homes but not sharing my own so today I thought I would give you an insight into my bedroom and my office. 

This is where I sleep, occasionally eat in bed while desperately trying not to get crumbs everywhere, binge on Netflix, check out my non-existent abs in the mirror and also get a lot of shit done. 

There is nowhere cosier than your own bedroom so mine is filled to the brim with my character. I have a girly side, a tom boy side, and a geeky side. I like to think that my room portrays all of me. 

I'll leave you to browse through countless photos now!

This is the 'beauty section' of my room. I basically have a really long desk and half is beauty and the other half homes my computer. The desk is from Ikea and has two sets of Ikea Alex draws underneath it. Which yes, my makeup collection lives in there. Who wants that tour?

The acrylic draws that my lipsticks live in are from Muji and the acrylic stand that my most used products stand on is from Amazon.

I got fed up of dust getting on my makeup brushes so I purchased this (yes, acrylic again) storage system from Amazon. It's perfect and keeps them clean and also is so much better for your skin as I'm not rubbing dust into my pores. I have two different sets as one lot didn't fit all my brushes in it so I also have a smaller one without any draws that you can get from Amazon. Once I've used a brush I put it in this cup from the Disney Store (which they sadly don't stock anymore but they have others of different characters) as it encourages me to clean them asap. Well, as you can tell in this photo I need to get cleaning... 

The utterly adorable bear dish that looks after my daily jewellery was from Next and is sold out but Next has similar ones out every winter. Another good place to look for cute dishes like this is Oliver Bonas. 

The above photos are all from the side of the desk where my Mac lives. I got it last week and I am beyond in love with it. I went with the 27" inch because well, the bigger the better aye ladies!

Next to my Mac I have some acrylic (I like being able to see what I'm looking for without having to open a draw OKAY?!) storage from John Lewis where I keep pens and other cute stationary that I don't use. The majority of my stationary is from Paperchase because I like to waste my money clearly. On the other side of my computer, I have an acrylic letter holder from Amazon where I keep documents that I need currently, birthday cards to write, business cards, and all things to do with work such as a shorthand notebook. 

Behind my stationary display, I have some photos of me and my friend Kay who is in the army. I like to keep her there to remind me that I'm all cosy at home while she's most likely crawling through mud at camp. I'm joking, of course. It's because I do have feelings and miss her all of the time. And yes, those are my tits. You're welcome. 

My moo moo mouse mat that I call Milky is from Amazon. I doubt you care about it but I think it's pretty f*cking cool.

The guitars are handmade from a shop in Chichester so I sadly can't leave a link to them but I'm sure there will be similar on the old internet. The black and white one is Ozzy Osborne and the other one is obviously The Rolling Stones. 

Again my coasters of the sweets are handmade and are from Camden market aka my favourite place in the entire world. Seriously, go there if you love quirky homeware.

Above my Mac, I have a massive (and I mean massive) cork board full of inspiration, cute cards, and all things that I love. I just think an office isn't an office until you've chucked one of these on the wall. 

Every girl needs a 'fashion corner' in their room and this is mine. This is where I get inspired and where I think about my outfits (I do actually stand here and deeply think about it, seriously). I have a massive wardrobe on the other side of my room because I'm an addict and spend all my money on clothes and shoes. 

The chest of draws is from Ikea, the acrylic stands that feature my favourite boots are from Amazon, and the shoes are from literally everywhere.

(My coats are faux fur don't throw red paint on me).

I am forever changing my bookshelf around but it always features my nick knacks such as a lucky globe from Tenerife, a Koloa that my boyfriend's brother brought me back from Australia, adorable Skinny Dip clutch bags that I'm too scared to use because they are art, a picture of me and my boyfriend at the Harry Potter Studios, and so much more. It's a corner of my room that makes me smile every time I look at it. 

Perhaps the geekiest part of my room but this is my Funko Pop collection. They're little figures of characters from films, TV shows, and more that are collectables (some are worth hundreds of pounds now before you laugh). The glass cabinet is from Ikea and the stands that are specially made to fit inside are from Amazon. My Pops are mostly from Amazon as well as comic shops and the odd random place.

My window sill is another place where nick knacks are housed. I mean, how cute is my nan in that little hat? The little girl looking drowned in puppy fat is me and the lady in pink is my beautiful mother if I do say so myself. The dog is Honey aka my child.

All three of these posters were bought from Camden Market. What did I tell you? Go and check it out!

I always have white bedding without fail. I like my double bed to be plain and not distract from all the other colours and patterns in my room. But of course, I have a panda which I do sometimes cuddle as I fall asleep (I can't lie) and a Dalmatian cushion from the Disney Store because I'm a child at heart. 

I've saved the best for last, my own Bullseye! I have always loved and wanted my own Bullseye so he was so worth the £24 that I paid for him from the Disney Store.

I hope you enjoyed having a nose around my room and I'd love it if you could leave me a comment below letting me know what you think of my space! If you have a room tour post or video please tweet me it (@vavaviolett) as I'll check it out in a second flat.

Written by VavaViolet's founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman. 

Should you f*ck your friend? The pros and cons of leaving the friendzone

"What him? no don’t be silly he’s just a friend”, the words you will probably have to eat at some point or another. Addressing the sexual tension with a friend is like eating chocolate on a diet, you know you shouldn’t but sometimes you just can’t help it, we know it has the potential to cause problems but yet we do it anyway. Sometimes this tension can build up for years and years until finally, something happens (aka you drink too much tequila and end up humping the daylight out of each other). 
There are so many pros and cons to addressing the sexual tension with a friend and doing the deed. We've listed them for you to help you decide whether you should or shouldn't fuck your mate.
  1. Awkwardness - there is nothing more awkward than the worst case scenario, losing a friend (or worse they don't actually find you attractive and you've been living in a bubble). You have known each other for years so is it worth the possibility that this could ruin your friendship? It sucks but the dynamic of your friendship may change and you have to prepare for it if you do decide to make a move.
  2. Honesty is the best policy – communication is always key, it gets things out in the open so if you feel like the friendship has slid along to the lust section of the spectrum then why not give it a go. You can always make more friends?
  3. Fear – you're worried ultimately that the friendship will deteriorate and you are scared to be the one to bring it up just in case you’re wrong about it. Maybe history is repeating itself and you have been in this position before and it has ended badly. If so think of our motto, 'fuck it, just do it' (you're welcome).
  4. Hope – it isn’t certain that it will all go wrong. It could be a smooth transition out of the friend zone, however, don’t forget that a smooth U-turn back into the friend zone can happen just as easily. If he\she really is a true friend it shouldn't ruin the friendship.
  5. Value – will they treat you the same? Will they still value your friendship as much? If you know they will still care for you as a friend then you go and buy those condoms hunny.
  6. I don’t care – Will one of you care more than the other one? to them, it means nothing but to you this means a lot? Honesty is always the best policy if you’re brave enough to say it be honest. If you want something, fight for it. If you love them more than a friend then this could be your chance.

If you decide to make a move on your friend after reading this article let us know by tweeting us at @VavaVioletMag or by emailing We'd also love to hear your stories, have you been in this situation? 

Written by VavaViolet's Managing Editor Jessica Murray. 

How to lose pounds without spending too many £'s: VavaViolet's Health and Fitness Editor reveals how to lose weight cheaply

The health and fitness industry is flooded with 'super foods', dieting myths, low-calorie meal replacements and over-complicated advice from under-qualified sources. Changing to a healthier diet can be achieved easily by anyone, and without the overpriced supplements that seem to go hand-in-hand with the image of 'health' these days.

I often get asked what I eat or which diet I have followed to lose the weight that I have. Personally, I am not a fan of the term 'diet'. The majority of diets are very restrictive and often create negative emotions such as being isolated by your limited options and feeling guilty when something that is not in the diet plan is eaten. It’s emotions like this that often prevent people from being successful in their weight-loss.

I’m not a nutritionist, but I do have basic knowledge of nutrition and have tried enough diets and lifestyle changes to have an opinion. One of the common misbeliefs that people seem to have when attempting to lose weight is that if they exercise, it does not matter what they eat. I have lost count of the amount of people I know that train hard Monday to Thursday, then drink Friday and Saturday, only to spend the rest of their weekend in bed, nursing a hangover with a large Maccy D’s banana milkshake, a big mac and fries. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Ronald ain’t gonna help you shift any fat or make any gains anytime soon!

In order to lose 1lb of fat per week, you need to eat 3,500 calories less than you have burned in that week. That’s 500 calories less per day. To put it into perspective, a Venti Latte with semi-skimmed milk and a chocolate chip cookie equate to 560 calories alone! Switch that to a Tall Americano and a banana and you’ve just slashed your calorie intake by 459 already. It’s small changes like this that make the biggest difference when changing to healthier eating habits, not to mention making the lifestyle easier to sustain.

Although cutting calories is vital when trying to lose weight, it is just as important to make sure you are consuming enough calories from good sources, as it’s these little nuggets of energy that power us through our working days, our university assignments and our nights out (with a little help from our loyal friend vodka). So please make sure you don’t neglect them. Getting your energy from sugary foods will only leave you feeling lethargic and craving for more.

So… if you’re struggling to lose weight, look at what you’re consuming throughout the day. By using apps such as MyFitnessPal to track your daily intake, it becomes a hell of a lot easier to know what you need to change. MyFitnessPal is super useful as it has millions of products already stored in its database, so the majority of meals can be tracked by simply holding your camera over the product barcode… so easy! 

Calories in things such as sauces and drinks are often overlooked. More often than not these are the things that lead to a lot of people’s daily calorie intake being too high. Cut the sugar from your tea (or swap for a sweetener), use herbs and spices to flavour dishes as opposed to covering them in sauces, and if you’re craving a fizzy drink try opting for something like a flavoured water – still full of flavour but a hell of a lot healthier.

Being healthier does not have to be boring. It doesn't have to be kale, green smoothies that resemble puke or chicken and brown rice. Start with small changes, make healthier choices and most importantly... TRUST THE PROCESS.

Written by VavaViolet's Health and Fitness Editor Zhane Alexander. 

The pieces that will keep you cool in the office but looking hot!

As we all know, there is nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky during the summer months, especially at work. Constantly wondering if that sweaty smell wafting around the office is you. Well, not this summer! 

Our Fashion Editor Libby Burgess has researched thoroughly throughout the high-street stores and found some of their best summer buys which will be perfect for work during the sweltering months. She's picked out outfits which enable you to remain smart while feeling cool and not overheating, sounds near enough impossible right?

Starting with the perfect silhouette of loose fitting trousers, which don’t lose your womanly shape. Finding trousers which cut off at the right point can be extremely difficult sometimes, (especially when you’re short like me), that's why palazzo pants and culottes style shapes are one of my favourites this season. 

This design is my beloved pick for the summer. The feminity touch around the waist creates shape, and the elegance of the straight leg, (combined with the ruffles one piece), allow an elegant, understated look to be created, while the light weight fabric will keep you cool in the office. Grab yours while they’re still in stock, I have a feeling they’ll be flying off the shelves!

An essential look for the office is a smart blazer, an item of clothing which has the potential to change any outfit into the statement of the office. Although you may think it's too hot for layers of clothing, these adaptations of the traditional blazer allow a trendy look to be created, while allowing you to stay cool and ready for a day in the office.         
This statement Zara blazer is one of my ultimate favourites, the fringe at the bottom of the cropped jacket creates a fun and quirky take on a traditional piece.

This simple Bardot dress from New Look is perfect for this time of year. The length is appropriate for work, only being a few centimetres higher than the knee, and the off the shoulder look allows a demure and professional style to be created. The feminine bows on the shoulders of the dress set off a summery feel. The lightweight fabric used will mean that you will stay cool all day long in the office. I think the best thing about this dress, other than the bargain price, is that it can be teamed with either flats or high heels to create two completely different looks. Whether you’re going straight from work to have drinks with the girls, or simply looking stylish in the office, any look can be accomplished. 

New Look’s yellow midi skirt is one of the most fun and summery things I came across on the high street this season. The bold colour will make anyone feel summery even just by looking at you! The length of the skirt creates a professional look which is appropriate for a day at work, and teamed with either a casual or a smart top, this look will be perfect to keep you cool and surviving the summer sun this year. The simple bow finish at the front of the skirt makes it fun and girly. You’re sure to be the style icon of the office in this number!

This light blue jumpsuit is a true beauty. The elegance and softness of the fabric, combined with the almost masculine shape of the wide legged jumpsuit creates a juxtaposing garment which is perfect for the office. The soft detailing of the segmented back remains appropriate while allowing some fun and beauty to come into the garment. The length of the sleeves helps the garment to remain professional and elegant and ensures that the wearer will remain cool by using the chiffon fabric. Although it is on the more expensive side of the range at Zara, I could hardly resist, even with a bigger price tag. I know that this garment would be something that I could re-wear many times, and it would become a statement piece amongst my wardrobe. 

Jumpsuits are definitely one of my favourite garments to come out of this season. The easiness of them is one of the things which attracts me to them. The long legs of the jumpsuit, and the assorted designs and shapes which are used on top, can create an elegant look which will keep you cool all through the summer. Whether it’s blazing heat outside, or even if we get some summer rain, the jumpsuit will cater for all occasions. 

These two jumpsuits by New Look and Zara are two of the prettiest jumpsuits which I came across. How can you not adore them? I can’t wait to order both in my size!

Written by VavaViolet's Fashion Editor Libby Burgess.

Friends are for life not just for summer: 10 things that prove your friendship will never die

True friends will tell you that you look like shit, they will steal your food, annoy you, and get on your tits but you'll love them like a sister. Your friends always know what to say to make you feel better and you'll never get a more honest answer from anyone else, but how do you know that these people that were once strangers are going to stay your friends, through your twenties, career changes, jealousy and the stresses and strains of everyday life.

If you and your friend/friends have been through these times then you're in it together for life!

1. They have seen you at your lowest points - instead of just moping about alone they pick you up and when you're down you're all down. Often a problem shared is a problem halved and they always know the right thing to say or advice to give.

2. The laughter - it can be falling down a cobbled alley at 3am, to them mocking you for some terrible sex you had, to pranking you endless amounts of times. 

3. Sex - friends encourage you to open your legs rather than open your heart. You talk about it, more than you should but there is always an interesting story for you all to share. They know more about your sex life than you do.

4. Outfits - your wardrobes become one and when all your tights are laddered or covered in last nights jägerbomb you can guarantee that one of them will have a new pair to see you through

5. They have been there at your highest points - through that job interview that you smashed, getting engaged or passing an exam they are always there to help you celebrate and encourage you.

6. The crazy telepathic times - when you are crying at Marley and Me for the 40th time and they know you're upset somehow (probably because you haven't responded to the 2,000th message in the group chat) and they call you to ask if you're ok even if they know you're not.

7. Growing old - you chat shit about the future and how you're going to sit on a balcony at 80-years-old, remembering the times you had and reminisce about who nailed the hottest guy and who went grey 1st.

8. Boys - you will always be on the lookout for eye candy for one another. Like a bird of prey, they're there, searching for your next shag.

9. Future - we all want what is best for each other (we may not agree with it) but you know that nothing will come between you.

10. The hard times - they'll be there through your parent's divorce, when you've been dumped, when you can't stop crying, they're always there. 

There are so many more things we could say but what do you think? What makes your friends special?

Written by VavaViolet's Managing Editor Jessica Murray.

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