Wednesday, 26 July 2017

5 tips to be ultra confident in every situation

Confidence can and will always get you what ever you want. It's the one opinion I have that no body can sway, it's the one thing that I rely on, but most importantly it is the one thing that no body can take away from me. It took time and work to be confident in myself and I'll never lose that now.

I grew up feeling like I'd never achieve anything in life. I always thought I'd be 'nothing' in society's eyes. By that I mean I thought I'd never have a voice, that nobody would take me seriously and listen to what I had to say, never thought I'd have a rocking body, money, you know, the things we all dream about and think will make us confident. Let's get cliche, confidence isn't how much is in your bank, it's not how hot you are, it's how you view yourself deep down.

I'm losing weight by the day, working out when I can, eating clean, earning money every day, I've upped my skin care, I've spent thousands on my hair and makeup but none of that adds to my 'confidence'. I've always been the loudest in the room, I just never knew it until I realised. 

Confidence isn't about being vain, it's not even about loving yourself, it's just about feeling good about what you do and what you can do. 

My maths teacher always told me I would fail in life and I used to smirk and ignore him when I was a teen because deep down I knew I would be okay, deep down I was confident I was just scared to show it in case people thought I was 'big headed', but I'm far from being up myself I just know what I'm capable of. If you put your mind to it, you can be confident in yourself too. But here are 10 things I do daily to show people 'I can do this' some may be 'vain' (flossing my teeth after every meal for example) it's not life or death but they truly are little things that will help your confidence and let me tell you why!

Floss like you've never flossed in your life
A big part of being or appearing confident is to speak. Let your opinions and views be heard. The next time you want to pitch an idea at work just do it. I like to floss after every meal now to keep up my personal hygiene. When you stand and speak in an environment like a pitch at work your teeth and face are what people are looking at so by flossing it makes me feel confident to stand there while everyone's eyes are on me without the fear of some rocket from my salad being stuck between my gnashers. 

Get yourself a good blazer
My life changed the day I bought myself a tailored blazer. This one is mainly aimed at the ladies who work in an office or some form of profession. Looking the part will make you feel the part and when you feel the part you'd be surprised what you can do.

Getting freaky under the sheets
The main place women lack confidence is in the bedroom if you're sick of telling guys to turn off the lights before getting down and dirty then light up your own world and get your arse to a shop like Ann Summers. The women there in my experience have always been a great help in finding me the sexiest set of matching underwear. They'll help you find a bra that fits like a glove, they'll teach you how to put suspenders on, the trick of how to put stockings on without laddering them is one I will take to my grave and never forget. 

The playlist
Make yourself a playlist full of empowering songs from inspirational women and listen to it on your way to a place that you need confidence. Just trust me on this one.

Forget boys
Don't choke on your tongue I don't mean sex. Forget what boys think of you, in fact, forget what everyone thinks of you. Who gives a sh*t what other people think? I don't that's for sure. It's wasted time to worry about it and will only make you doubt yourself. Flick your hair, smirk, and carry on your day. You'll never look back. 

You don't need to lose weight, buy all the makeup, or be Beyonce, just have faith in yourself and it will come.

Written by VavaViolet's Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.

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