Friday, 14 July 2017

Friends are for life not just for summer: 10 things that prove your friendship will never die

True friends will tell you that you look like shit, they will steal your food, annoy you, and get on your tits but you'll love them like a sister. Your friends always know what to say to make you feel better and you'll never get a more honest answer from anyone else, but how do you know that these people that were once strangers are going to stay your friends, through your twenties, career changes, jealousy and the stresses and strains of everyday life.

If you and your friend/friends have been through these times then you're in it together for life!

1. They have seen you at your lowest points - instead of just moping about alone they pick you up and when you're down you're all down. Often a problem shared is a problem halved and they always know the right thing to say or advice to give.

2. The laughter - it can be falling down a cobbled alley at 3am, to them mocking you for some terrible sex you had, to pranking you endless amounts of times. 

3. Sex - friends encourage you to open your legs rather than open your heart. You talk about it, more than you should but there is always an interesting story for you all to share. They know more about your sex life than you do.

4. Outfits - your wardrobes become one and when all your tights are laddered or covered in last nights jägerbomb you can guarantee that one of them will have a new pair to see you through

5. They have been there at your highest points - through that job interview that you smashed, getting engaged or passing an exam they are always there to help you celebrate and encourage you.

6. The crazy telepathic times - when you are crying at Marley and Me for the 40th time and they know you're upset somehow (probably because you haven't responded to the 2,000th message in the group chat) and they call you to ask if you're ok even if they know you're not.

7. Growing old - you chat shit about the future and how you're going to sit on a balcony at 80-years-old, remembering the times you had and reminisce about who nailed the hottest guy and who went grey 1st.

8. Boys - you will always be on the lookout for eye candy for one another. Like a bird of prey, they're there, searching for your next shag.

9. Future - we all want what is best for each other (we may not agree with it) but you know that nothing will come between you.

10. The hard times - they'll be there through your parent's divorce, when you've been dumped, when you can't stop crying, they're always there. 

There are so many more things we could say but what do you think? What makes your friends special?

Written by VavaViolet's Managing Editor Jessica Murray.

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