Friday, 28 July 2017

Should we, as women, use Linkedin to find love?

Is your dad's favourite social media site really a place to find a decent man? Potentially. 

Think about it, it's a site full of career driven men, who wear nice shirts, care about their life, and most likely have a decent sized brain as well. This, of course, is if you like an older man who probably isn't interested in just sticking it in you once - we assume. You can literally read their CV before your first date, slightly creepy,  but it will answer some of your questions before wasting your time. 

Andrew Marcus, a 27-year-old CEO and founder of, was in need of a new tennis pro for his sports coaching startup in 2013 and logged on to LinkedIn to find one.
While he was browsing profiles looking for someone to take on this role he came across Rosalia Lopez de Alda, a 26-year-old professional tennis player with the Women’s Tennis Association. Although his first thoughts weren’t about her good looks (she didn’t have a picture on her profile) it instead focused on her skills and experience. Something all our Linkedin profiles should focus on really, displaying our worth not our looks.
The two, both based in Texas, met up to talk business and hit it off. They have been dating ever since. So it can happen, you can find love on the site.
However, while their story is sweet and all we don't recommend using the site for this purpose, especially as a woman. There is a fine line between business and your love life and how people and potential employers will see you. Use your profile to showcase your self-worth, not your Instagramable eyebrows and pearly whites. The majority of the people on Linkedin are serious businessmen and women and it's a competition at the end of the day to display what you can do and why people should work with you or for you. 
But let’s face it the work place can be a sexy environment to be in. Suits, skirts, high heels, and makeup, versus ponytails or worse buns, laundry, old jeans and diapers. A professional setting, whether in the office or even online, highlights the drive and ambition in others, which can prove to be a huge turn on. If you can fall in love in the office then it's easily done on a viral office but be careful not to let it ruin your reputation. Focus on your career and if it's meant to happen, it will happen. 

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.

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