Sunday, 23 July 2017

Should you f*ck your friend? The pros and cons of leaving the friendzone

"What him? no don’t be silly he’s just a friend”, the words you will probably have to eat at some point or another. Addressing the sexual tension with a friend is like eating chocolate on a diet, you know you shouldn’t but sometimes you just can’t help it, we know it has the potential to cause problems but yet we do it anyway. Sometimes this tension can build up for years and years until finally, something happens (aka you drink too much tequila and end up humping the daylight out of each other). 
There are so many pros and cons to addressing the sexual tension with a friend and doing the deed. We've listed them for you to help you decide whether you should or shouldn't fuck your mate.
  1. Awkwardness - there is nothing more awkward than the worst case scenario, losing a friend (or worse they don't actually find you attractive and you've been living in a bubble). You have known each other for years so is it worth the possibility that this could ruin your friendship? It sucks but the dynamic of your friendship may change and you have to prepare for it if you do decide to make a move.
  2. Honesty is the best policy – communication is always key, it gets things out in the open so if you feel like the friendship has slid along to the lust section of the spectrum then why not give it a go. You can always make more friends?
  3. Fear – you're worried ultimately that the friendship will deteriorate and you are scared to be the one to bring it up just in case you’re wrong about it. Maybe history is repeating itself and you have been in this position before and it has ended badly. If so think of our motto, 'fuck it, just do it' (you're welcome).
  4. Hope – it isn’t certain that it will all go wrong. It could be a smooth transition out of the friend zone, however, don’t forget that a smooth U-turn back into the friend zone can happen just as easily. If he\she really is a true friend it shouldn't ruin the friendship.
  5. Value – will they treat you the same? Will they still value your friendship as much? If you know they will still care for you as a friend then you go and buy those condoms hunny.
  6. I don’t care – Will one of you care more than the other one? to them, it means nothing but to you this means a lot? Honesty is always the best policy if you’re brave enough to say it be honest. If you want something, fight for it. If you love them more than a friend then this could be your chance.

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Written by VavaViolet's Managing Editor Jessica Murray. 

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