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The most honest review you'll ever read on Origins, Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

Origins’ masks have been the talk of the town recently. They seem to be popping up everywhere on blogs, vlogs, magazines and the most recommended sections on any website. 

Upon looking into their vast and impressive range, I was eager to try out one of their masks and see what all the buzz was really about. Two months ago, I decided to purchase my very first origins mask. My friends who swear by the brand were excited for me and as for myself, I spent a fair few days waiting by the window to see the delivery van arrive.

I decided to opt for the Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. My skin has acne scars and I still have adult acne, which is not severe yet still a problem. I thought the “Retexturizing” element of this mask would help rebuild or at least help the skin to grow in the areas where I feel I have scarring

On the description, it claims that it will refine skin texture. The other claims include leaving skin silky smooth to touch, deep cleaning and refining pores. What really drew me into this product was the rose clay, it was a new ingredient that intrigued me. The ingredients boast a rich variety such as Canadian willow herb, Persian silk and the classic jojoba beads.

The packaging is pretty standard for Origins. It’s a glossy tube with their logo in grey. It's a pretty bottle to have on your bathroom shelf due to its lovely pink shade and lux look. The product is easy to get out of its tube as it is a squeezy tube.  What does annoy me about squeezy tubes is that it becomes very difficult to get the last bits out, especially with a clay mask.

I’m used to masks with either a very thin texture or thick with exfoliating beads. This mask caught me by surprise with its thick yet very easily applicable texture. It has some chunky bits in it which I assume are the jojoba beads. It says to apply a thin layer, leave it for 1-2 mins then wash off. It dries very quickly and didn’t really sting. Washing it off was easy and quick. I was impressed by how little time this mask requires on and thus I believe it’s great for a busy schedule.

Does it work?:
My first use had me undecided. Indeed straight after, my skin looked clean and a little brighter. I get this effect from most masks however because the masks gets into your pores and sucks out the nasty stuff that resides there. I found my skin did not feel silky smooth as it had claimed.

Two months on, it’s safe to say this product DOES NOT WORK (for myself at least). I have used this mask 1-2 times a week (sometimes in rotation with another mask) and usually leave it on longer than the recommended time to really get it to work. 

Two weeks ago, I was having a close-up inspection on the condition of my skin after a breakout. To my horror, my pores seemed huge and gaping. This made me realise that the mask really hadn’t helped my pores - it potentially could have worsened them! As for my acne scars, they still remain as visible as ever on bare skin and under makeup. The only claim this mask delivers on is a deep clean. I’m disappointed that this mask didn’t work out for me.

Value for money:
As mentioned above, I use this mask 1-2 times a week without faltering. It's been two months now and I’m still not halfway through the tube. I believe this means it’ll (unfortunately) last me a long time. So that is quite good value for money. However, I’m not sure how much I’ll really be able to get out of the tube near the end.

Pros – provides a deep clean, easy and quick to use.
Cons – doesn’t do what it says and my pores look larger!
2/5, would not purchase again and wouldn’t recommend.

Written by VavaViolet's Beauty Editor Shalini Chatterjee. 

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