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5 Asian beauty products you need in your collection right now!

Cute packaging? Tick. Cheap? Tick. Actually does what it's supposed to do? Tick. These are five adorable Asian products that rightfully deserve a place in everyone's beauty stash. 

I have tried hundreds of beauty products and no one does packaging quite like Asian cultures. I mean, how Instagram is that Pokemon highlighter? I rooted through product after product to discover beauty items that are not only cute but also practical, easy to use and most importantly, do what they say they're going to do. 

The products mentioned are all from Japan, China, or Korea but luckily you can simply order them off of Amazon in the comfort of your bedroom with a cup of tea!

The face masks 

I don't know about you, but one of my favourite things in the world to do is to make a big cup of coffee, run a bath, chuck in a Lush bath bomb, and lay back with a face mask on. It's the only thing I like about Sunday evenings and since I've been using Asian face masks I don't think I'll ever go back.

The rumours are true, they are ahead of the game when it comes down to skin care. These two photographed above are now my holy grails and not just because the packaging looks good on my Instagram. 

The Animal Panda Tendering Mask is a sheet mask with panda details on it which would be super adorable for a sleepover or to photograph. Its aim is to replenish the skin and add moisture to improve dry skin and make your complexion even. For me, it does do exactly that. Afterwards, all my dry areas (chin and nose) feel so smooth and soft. The sheet itself doesn't feel heavy when on your face and it's very breathable. However, it can slip off easily which for me isn't a problem because I just lay in a bath with it on but if you like to still be productive when doing a mask I wouldn't recommend this one. I keep it on for 20 minutes (sometimes more if I fall asleep) and my face always thanks me for it. - You can get four on Amazon for £5 with free delivery. 

But the award for cutest packing on the planet has to go to the brand Apieu for creating a face mask in the shape of a milk bottle. The rich milk extract prevents drying and gives you a kick of moisture, it also moves dead skin cells (gross but it needs to be done) and after using this face mask my skin does truly feel more hydrated. - But most importantly it's only £2.99 on Amazon

The highlighter 

I can't lie to you, I ordered this merely because of the packaging. I didn't even care if it turned up and was a piece of sh*t because all I wanted to do was display it, I wasn't even planning on using it and ruining the indent inside. But one night while getting ready and pre-drinking with the girls my stupid drunk arse pulled it out of the drawer and used it. 

So because I'm extra as hell I ordered a second one to just display - don't judge. But, life moves in mysterious ways and it was a blessing in disguise that I actually opened it because it is the perfect shade for my skin. I use it to highlight my brow bone, cheek bones, all my f*cking bones. It lasts through all of my drunken antics, I've even slept in it before (I know, my life's a mess), and it lasted throughout the night. - Amazon, £12.

The mascara

Once again, I ordered a product purely because of the packaging but it actually turned out to be really good. At first the fact this mascara is referred to as 'smudge out' I was a little sceptical and wondered why on earth anyone would want a mascara that would smudge. But thankfully it doesn't smudge and lasted quite well in the rain the other day. However, I don't use this on my top lashes because it doesn't do anything for them and can't even compare to They're Real or Better Than Sex BUT, on my bottom lashes, it is the bomb. The wand is pretty small so it makes it really easy to apply mascara on the bottom lashes and you know, it has a panda on it... - Amazon, £4.50, including £5 for delivery

The lip balm

Firstly, this product is every girl's dream who has acrylic nails. I can't use Vaseline because it goes all up in my nails and I just can't bare it so a product that comes with a stick that you can use to apply the product to your lips is perfect and what drew me to this was that factor. When my lips are feeling dry I slather this on and BAM I'm moisturised for days (or at least a couple of hours). It doesn't smell of anything and doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky. I've used it under drying lipstick too and that works like a blessing. - Amazon, £2.36, £3.98 for delivery

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.

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