Sunday, 6 August 2017

5 productive things to do before you begin your week at work

It’s Sunday night, it’s 11.59pm and you’re sat slumped watching Netflix panicking about the week ahead and all the sh*t you’ve got to do. 

We’ve all been there while slowly falling into a pit of despair but it really doesn’t need to be like that. Sunday nights can be enjoyable. Before you roll your eyes and mutter ‘yeah, yeah’ try following these simple steps and tricks.

Enjoy your Sunday 
By Sunday I mean the day part. Recover from a hangover, go to the movies, shopping, take time to have fun and enjoy yourself. You’ve worked all week so you deserve this time to relax, it’s all part of prepping for the week. Have dinner when you normally do (we recommend 5pm so your food can digest and you can fall asleep easier), and then start on actually prepping for the week.

Get set, prep!
Whether it’s writing notes on your phone, in a cute journal or however you like to plan, write down some notes and reminders for the week. From little things such as if you have to text a friend you haven’t talked to in ages or the time you start work, write it all down. It will keep you active and determined to get sh*t done. I spend about half an hour on a Sunday evening planning my week and making sure I have the time to get it all done. I don’t miss out anything and I never forget to do something. By doing this it means that the following Sunday I’m not panicking about all of the things I haven’t done that week. But be realistic, don’t add something that you just can’t do in that time frame because it will just stress you out. Juggle things around like a puzzle and you’ll find the time for everything you need to do. But priories at the top and focus on making sure they’re done first. 

Pack your bag the night before
The dreaded Monday morning rush. Your alarms not gone off because you stupidly haven’t taken it off of the weekend settings and everything is a mess. Do what you can the night before such as packing your bag, planning your outfit, laying out your bath towel, skincare products, making your lunch, just anything that will save you time. It will save those precious minutes and you will feel more prepared for your day and not like a headless chicken. 

Do something relaxing
Sunday nights are my pamper nights. I like to have a bath, slap on a face mask, clean my makeup brushes (I find it therapeutic okay?), and of course, watch a bit of Netflix or Game of Thrones while I'm in the bath. Doing my big beauty routine such as plucking my eyebrows just makes me feel prepared for the week ahead and ready to take it all on. 

Get tidying
Before you go to bed tidy up your room, put things away, dust something, hoover, just some form of housework. A clean space equals a clear mind and means you won't have to do it when you come in from work feeling like a zombie. 

Try these simple things and let us know how you get on in the comments below!

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.

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