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What to pack for a last minute vacation (all you really need though is highlighter)

The flights are booked, the hotel looks so Insta-worthy and the weather forecast is screaming ‘tan tan tan’, but the hardest bit is yet to come. Packing. 

If you’re like me, this part makes you want to curl up in a corner and cry. The best advice anyone can give you is to ignore that little voice in your head that says, ‘what if I need this’ or ‘I might wear this’. Cancel out all those ‘maybe’ outfits, before you have a one on one with the check in staff about having an overweight suitcase. I’m here to teach you some savvy ways to become the packing pro, whether it’s a city break or it’s a long family get-a-way. 


Let’s start with the most important part. Plan accordingly to the weather. There’s no point in packing that bulky pair of jeans just in case it rains when the whole week is 30 degrees or more when you can fit in a cute romper instead. 

  • Dresses: Always think about the fabric, don’t pack anything too thick and heavy, sway more towards floaty style dresses that you feel comfortable in and still look a strong 10/10.
  • Rompers and Playsuits: These are an easy way to go from beach to bar when it comes to those last-minute ‘dying for a daiquiri’ moments. Patterns and embellishments are always a definite shout that make you feel great with a nice bronze tan. 
  • Shorts: A trusty pair of high waisted Levi’s are a definite must for going anywhere. They give you that rocker look so effortlessly and are easy to pair with absolutely anything. Whether that’s a body suit or a simple t-shirt. Patterned shorts or any type of culottes made from a silky material are always a classy essential to pack. 
  • Pyjamas: Who. Has. The. Time. Or. Patience. It’s far too hot to pack your beloved cotton shirt and trousers, so for the love of god get yourself a nightie. Besides, air conditioning is always an extra cost, so plan ahead of whether you’re strong enough to sweat it out or pay the little bit more to be in Antarctica overnight.   

We are all the biggest suckers for packing your favourite pair of heels for a beach holiday and then when you get there dread the sight of them so you keep them in your suitcase. Dump them. 
  • Sliders, they will change your life. Can you think of anything better than avoiding that inevitable blister when you have to endure the war between sand vs flipflops. Sliders deserve to be on the top of anyone’s packing list. You can get a cheap pair from any high-street store, or you could even treat yourself to a stylish holographic Elesse pair, spend as you please but your feet will worship you. 
  • Dressy flats. A stylish pair of Greek sandals is always on the cards, and Zara will never let you down when it comes to a trendy pair of pointy flats.


I always have an argument with myself about how many bikinis I can buy before its classed as obsessive. My rule is if you’re going for a week, take two, maybe three. That way you can switch it up enough to feel fashionable without overcompensating. 
  • Bikinis: Always start shopping for this as soon as they hit the shops otherwise all you will be left with is an odd set that isn’t available in your size. Another tip is to try on lots of different styles, finding the right one that compliments your figure, and makes you feel confident. If you’re like me and are more on the petite side (even in the boobie area) triangle bikinis will scare the life out of you, so avoid them! Also, make sure they fit you, no one wants to get out the pool and see their undies floating a drift and your bra around your neck. 
  • One pieces: These are all the craze at the minute and are super stylish for that girls holiday you’ve been planning for. They’re also great at hiding that food baby after you’ve hit the all-inclusive buffet too hard. 


Believe me when I say you’re not the only one who panics when buying a £2 travel size bottle of Aussie Shampoo and conditioner thinking ‘how do I stop myself from using it all in the first two days’. However, this is an essential as I don’t think you could convince many people that you’re trying to pull off the ‘wet look’. 
  • Sun cream: Everyone likes to stay safe in the sun, it’s important to protect and look after your skin. You can buy this in airports to save on the baggage but it will be a lot more expensive. 
  • Aftersun: If you’re like me and get cocky on the first day but burn either your bum or boobs, after sun will be your literal life saver. It also helps keep your skin hydrated and makes your tan last longer. 
  • Deodorant: This isn’t allowed in your hand luggage, so I always advise buying a travel size bottle and putting it in your suitcase. 
  • Razors: Disposable ones are always cheap and help you from keeping those stubbly hairs from making an appearance. 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: Most common thing people forget, but if you’re clever and pack them, hoorah for you but again, don’t panic as these are available to buy in duty-free. 
  • Small first aid kit: Just in case you get drunk and fall over, these hello kitty plasters will come in handy.
  • Lip Balm with SPF: A combination of sun and air conditioning will make your lips turn into the Sahara desert so having this in your back pocket will keep your lip gloss poppin’. 


Essentials darlings. You will not need your entire makeup drawer with your 247 Morphe pallets and your whole Kylie lip kit collection. All you need is a good mascara, concealer and a popping highlighter to emphasise your gorgeous tan. 

So, get your passports at the ready and hang up your ‘travelling outfit’, as you now should be fully prepared for the long waited and truly deserved break we all need. Now, did someone say Sangria? 

Written by Beth Seabrook.
Follow Beth at:
Twitter - @Beth_havana
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