Wednesday, 11 October 2017

10 weird/scary facts about boobs

We all knew one boob can be slightly bigger than its sister but did you know some women’s boobs weigh as much as three bricks? Imagine carrying that load every damn day.

Here are 8 more things you may not have known about the squishy pillows on your chest:

  1. Some women can orgasm via breast stimulation. - We are very jealous of these women but yes, some can get off from a bit of titty fondling.
  2. People stare at your breast more than you realise. – According to a study where women and men were fitted with an eye-tracking device, both were found to gave down at the boobies but men stared for longer (obviously).
  3. Men have nipples and breasts because all fetuses are female at first. – Because women rule.
  4. The largest bra size is an L, and the smallest is an AAA. – But what if you need an M?
  5. There are more than 4 million new bras produced every day. – Yet I still can’t find a decent one for my big titties.
  6. Sleeping facedown can change the shape of your breasts over time. - *sleeps in chair from now on*
  7. There are eight different types of nipples. – From normal, flat, puffy, and inverted.
  8. The largest breasts in the world are on Sheyla Hershey from Texas. – After nine surgeries, her breast size is 38KKK.
  9. 85% of women wear the wrong bra size. – We’ve all been there where we’re too embarrassed to ask for an assistant’s help but do it! Your life will change forever.
  10. Men can get breast cancer too. – An important one to include and one most people don’t know. Tell a man you know!

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor in Chief Sophie Blackman.



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