Tuesday, 3 October 2017

HAUL: Lush Cosmetics new in Halloween collection

It’s the little things that make autumn so great, baths, hot chocolates, Halloween decorations, feeling cosy, fairy lights, scary films, and of course, Lush bath bombs.

There are two things I pick up annually that make my season and that is Lush’s Halloween range and some Halloween decorations from ASDA. I mean, it wouldn’t be October without them!

So, I placed my order the other day and already I’ve used two out of the four things I bought. I went on the website with the intention to buy it all but, to be honest only these things grasped my attention. 

I’ve been buying this bad boy since 2015 and I am so bloody thrilled that it’s returned. Holding this under running water and watching it crumble and go all soft in your hand is as satisfying as popping bubble wrap.

You’d assume it would be pumpkin scented but sadly it is more of a fruity blend which is still lovely and leaves you feeling so refreshed.

You just have to make sure you rinse down the glitter from the sides of the bath afterwards and no, it doesn’t leave you looking like Edward Cullen. 

I have never tried this shimmer bar before and still haven’t got around to using it so can’t review it but, it’s described as a multitude of iridescent lustres.

It’s buttery texture apparently leaves the skin feeling soft and has a fruity scene. I’ll let you know my thoughts on Instagram (vavaviolett) once I get around to testing it out!

Hands down the cutest thing in this year’s Halloween collection in my opinion. It’s a monster mash-up of lime and neroli oils. Also, it makes a lot of bubbles which is lush (excuse the pun).        

So, if like me you actually want a ‘Halloween scent’ then this is the one to get. I was gutted when I sniffed the others and they smelt like my bloody fruit bowl. The pumpkin smells of vanilla and cinnamon aka drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

It creates bubbles and your bathroom will smell like a bakery. 

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman. 



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