Saturday, 16 December 2017


I do not feel festive at all this year so I ventured out to pick up some candles, Lush bath bombs and Christmas magazines in a bid to get me into the mood.

Every year I either place an order or visit a Lush Cosmetics store and fill my basket with their festive collection. Theres just something about lobbing a snowman bath bomb into the tub that gets me excited.

This year I picked up the following to spice up my tub time...

If you want to see everything else I got I filmed a haul for my YouTube channel search vavaviolet or watch the video below.


As we all know the most important thing about Christmas is the presents (ha kidding) but like every year I wanted to give one reader a Christmas present as a way to say thank you for reading/watching my content this year.

The only rules are 1 you must be subscribed to my YouTube channel (vavaviolet) and two if you are under 18 you will need your parents permission blah blah.

THE GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY yes, anyone can win even if you live in Madagascar. I will announce the winner on Christmas Day on my Twitter @vavaviolett so go and follow if you want to keep your eye out.

You can also gain extra entries by following me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram etc so make sure you do those if you really want to win.

The winner will be randomly selected and I will be checking every single entry so if you cheat, dont worry, you wont win.

Good luck and I wish every single one of you the best Christmas ever!

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Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.

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