Monday, 11 December 2017

Current favourites and going through a break-up

In November, I once again became single but I also finally found the perfect shampoo  it was a strange month.

If you would rather watch a YouTube video of me rambling about my favourites while making sexual references then scroll to the bottom of this post where you will find my dopey face in video format.

I never ever thought I would dump Estee Lauder Double Wear but boy bye. Im actually lying this has been a favourite for the past four months but this is the first chance Ive had to talk about it. There is nothing I dont love about this product.

First things first, I have combination skin and this foundation doesnt make me look oily or make my skin dry. If thats not magic then I dont know what is. I do powder over it but I probably dont need to Im just paranoid. It covers EVERYTHING. Every bit of acne scar, current spot, it gives such a flawless finish.

But ladies and gents, the packaging. Holy sh*t how genius is it? A cap over the pump so it doesnt go all over your make up bag yes please!

Fresh Cream Philosophy Bath Bubbles - £19.50
Theres not loads I can say about this favourite but when I run a bath I want there to be more bubbles than water and this does exactly that. I find some of the cheaper ones hardly make any bubbles and my high maintenance arse cant be dealing with that.

I found my dream shampoo and although it smells like utter sh*t, I adore it. I gag every single time I lift the lid off the pot and get a whiff of seaweed but strangely enough, once its in your hair you cant smell it or at least I cant.

The pot is impossible to open once your hands are wet so I always have to open it before I get in the shower but other than its horrid smell and terrible container the actual product itself is amazing. I refuse to leave the house with flat hair and this gives me the volume Ive been lusting over for so long!

I wanted a lipstick I could wear every day that would match all my outfits, one I could eat and drink while rocking, but most importantly one I could wear while kissing boys that wouldnt budge  Im kidding I get as much attention as a white crayon. I found exactly what I wanted.

Requiem is a beautiful light pink with a sort of purple tint to it but if I do say so myself, its extremely flattering. It lasts all day and I only have to reapply if Im drinking without using a draw. I suppose nothing is perfect aye!

Whenever I see something that says new on it in the drugstore I just have to pick it up. Luckily, I fell in love with this spontaneous purchase. I like a fake looking lash, doll-like you could say. Clumpy, volume and length is what I strive for and this is helping me get that look. The only thing is, its quite a messy product because its so clumpy. If you dont have a steady hand I wouldnt waste your time or money on this one.

You cant beat a threesome. Each product in this one serves a different purpose and Ive been using all three to combat my dry arse crusty lips this season.

I use Dr Lipp at night time as a face mask to moisturise my lips, the lip scrub to remove dead skin and the Nivea balm to keep them moisturised during the day. Its a lot of effort and expensive but I am cursed with dry lips so whats a girl to do?

When it was announced that Glamour Magazine would no longer have a physical copy I went into panic mode and went on the search to find a replacement. Im sorry Glamour, but I found one 10x better. It has no adverts, is filled with the most amazing photography and some really engaging and intelligent articles that keep me flicking through the pages.

For over a year I have been using my iPad Pro to organise my life but I was deeply missing planning using a pen and paper. Theres just something so therapeutic about doing it the traditional way. So Ive been enjoying going back to the old way the last month.

Life update
I thought it might be worth mentioning on my blog seeing as I do share my life on here but yes, me and my now ex-boyfriend have spilt up about a month ago now. There are no hard feelings and we have remained good friends. Out of respect for him thats all I will ever put on here. He is an amazing man and I truly wish him nothing but the best in life.

In case you are wondering how Im doing, Im okay. Its winter so of course, its cuddle and watch a movie season so its a bit meh seeing couples on social media but Im looking forward and plan to remain single. By that I mean I am not actively looking for someone. No dating sites for me for a very long time. The sex aspect is driving me up the bloody wall but Google says that after a while you stop thinking about it pray for me.

Other than that I am focusing on work, working out and eating healthy. Im only 21 I have plenty of time before I start panicking about dying alone with a cat and a bottle of wine not that Im complaining because cats are great and wine is life.

What have you been loving this month?

Written by VavaViolets Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.



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