Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Who said Santa's suit has to be red? Christmas nail inspiration!

My nails are my life. They reflect the time of year, my mood, my latest inspirations. Wow, I’m too extra but if you need some nail inspo this Christmas then you have come to the right place.

Like the next person I flick through Pinterest/Tumblr/everywhere to find nail ideas but I always change them up a bit and ask my nail technician to change something about it even if it’s just a small detail so that I’m not straight up copying anyone’s designs.

I saw these nails on Pinterest and instead of baby pink, Santa’s suit was red. Well, red Santa is so 2001 so I asked my nail technician to make mine pink. The nails I saw on Pinterest had a plain red thumb so I added Rudolph to mine to spice them up a bit.

Around this time is when I see my local nail salon filling up with people asking for Christmas themed nails so here are some of my favourites that I’ve found across the internet. If you end up getting any done tweet me a picture of your nails to @vavaviolett because I’d love to see them!

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.


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