Planning our trip to Disneyland Paris

Visiting the most magical place on earth (well, second after Selfridges) comes with a lot of planning, saving and dreaming about pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse.

My boyfriend and I are going for five days and four nights in October for my 21st birthday and will be there on the actual day. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather become ‘an adult’ than surrounded by my childhood of Disney. It will be a nice ending to a chapter in my life, as the next few years afterwards will be filled with work, moving out and all things adult.

We are staying at the New York Hotel which is in the parks, and travelling by the Eurostar (so that I can bring back tons of shit with me of course).

We have come up with a list of things we 100% want to do while we’re there, so let me know if we’re missing out anything key that you would highly recommend!

·      Shop till we drop
·      Go on Space Mountain
·      Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast
·      Eat at Mickey’s Café
·      Fantasyland
·      Visit the castle
·      Watch the fireworks
·      Get a Disney McDonald’s
·      Watch the Disney Magic Parade
·      Eat at Planet Hollywood
·      Take a picture in front of the castle
·      Meet Chip n Dale
·      Visit Walt Disney Studios Park
·      Go on the Slinky Dog ride
·      Shop in the Toy Story store
·      Eat at Bistrot Chez Remy
·      Explore the Disney Animation Gallery
·      Get a book from the Disney bookstore
·      Visit Cookie Kitchen
·      Eat at Sliver Spur Steakhouse
·      Eat at Restaurant Hakuna Matata
·      Visit Pocahontas Indian Village
·      Meet Mickey Mouse

·     Eat at Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet Restaurant

The porn website every woman needs in her bookmarks

Do you dry up when vulgar images pop up while watching porn? Fed up with those adverts telling your husband to cheat on you with a local girl? Grossed out by the tasteless video names? Well ladies, let me introduce you to your new lover.

I have been on the hunt for a ‘decent’ porn website for quite frankly, years. What I mean by ‘decent’ is a site that doesn’t flood me with videos titled ‘mum fucks son’, isn’t surrounded by annoying adverts and isn’t dark and gloomy. I wanted to watch porn without feeling disgusted in myself for doing so. And then I found erotica, more specifically I found

I’m not ashamed to say I have watched porn and I feel like so many women are ashamed by it. I don’t see anything wrong with masturbation, discovering yourself, what you like and having some imagery to help you get aroused. I watch erotica for a number of reasons, but being honest the main reason I do is to gather ideas. By ideas I mean things that I would like to reenact/try in the bedroom.

Frolic Me is satisfying in all of these areas. From the clean, elegant style of the website, the easy navigation, right down to every clip and every word of content. It's tasteful and portrays how beautiful sex really can be. There are plenty of fantasy led scenarios to fuel your mind and you can still watch threesomes, BDSM and all your favourite categories. The people in the videos are of all different ethnicities and body shapes, which is fantastic as you don't click off thinking about all the plastic surgery you want to get after watching a pornstars boobs sit still while bobbing up and down in cowgirl.

As well as high-quality HD videos and beautiful imagery there is also erotic fiction on the site, stories that work in conjunction with the films as well as lot of other short stories and excerpts. It's ever so beautifully written and really pulls on your hormones. The stories are written by published erotic authors from all over the globe.

Anna Richards, the founder of Frolic Me describes the site as an 'exclusive club' where you can enjoy the pleasures of highly erotic films all shot in a cinematic format using what she likes to call 'real models' portraying 'real sex' - and I couldn't agree more. Everything is ready to view on your phone, tablet and PC.

Anna told me: "More and more women are scrutinising the web for sexually arousing films and stories but find it hard to steer through the amount of Tube Sites that completely bombard any sexual search term, thereby making it difficult to find and identify those beautiful arousing independent sites like FrolicMe. Sadly the state of porn is very much in the hands of just a few companies that produce and control the same boring visually degrading content that is there for a quick cheap thrill aimed more at the male market. But thankfully many women’s magazines and mainstream media are helping raise awareness for those sexually positive sites that should be given more focus as they offer a much more balanced approach to women’s pleasure than the Tube Sites and that can only be a good thing. There is nothing wrong in enjoying sex for the pleasure it offers but we do need to handle it in a more creative, beautiful and balanced manner."

The site also has galleries filled with gorgeous photographic collections that will stimulate everything from your eyes to downstairs ladies. Anna said: "These photographs are deliberately real and have very limited retouching as I find this so much more attractive to that of the perfect manipulated images found on so many other sites."

The site is incredibly discrete and it is promised that your information will never be shared. I’ve been using it for months and I have my full faith in it.

Us women have waited decades for something like this. A platform that shows the TRUE beauty of the female body and the fun and pleasure beautiful sex and erotica can be.

Click to view

Will you be checking out the site? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, by tweeting me at @JournalistSoph or by emailing me at where your comments will not be shared elsewhere.

LIFE UPDATE: Sex and relationships, Disneyland trip, career

The truth

When I entered 2017 I was in the mindset that this will be the best year ever, but things went downhill drastically. Life as they say ‘happened’.

On Christmas Day, myself and my mum had to call an ambulance and my nan was rushed into hospital, when she should have been enjoying Christmas with us, eating Quality Streets and tutting at how stupid EastEnders is. I’ve never seen her look so fragile and ill, the thought of anything happening to her makes my entire body go cold. We’ve always been so close and I am her ‘golden child’ as my family like to joke. Nan came out of hospital but was shortly rushed back in at the start of the New Year. She spent over a week in hospital again and is now finally back home. I am so thankful that she’s okay, that I get to spend more time with her and I go and see her as much as I possibly can. I want to take the time to say to you that it is so important that you make effort with your loved ones, spend as much time as you can with them and as cliché as it is, tell them how much you love them often.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t the best start to a brand new spanking year. The time that you want everything to run smoothly and everything has to be perfect. Things just started going so wrong, and fast as well. Everything kind of built up and I felt like I was just drowning in stress. I kept it all bottled up, like I always do, and carried on as though everything was a-okay. I got myself up in the morning, went to work, smiled all day until I got home, then I’d light a fag and just sit there with my thoughts.

I wasn’t depressed – I’d like to make that quite clear. I’ve never had depression in my life and I’m very strong minded usually. I’m that annoying person who is happy go lucky 24/7, doesn’t ever cry and is the friend who you turn to when you need cheering up or your mind taken off something. Not the girl who sits in the garden with a Marlboro light staring blankly into space.

I won’t go into everything that was getting me down as that is private. But one of the things that really knocked me is my exams that are approaching. I’m an apprentice reporter and I have a couple more journalism exams to take until I get my full qualification and damn am I shitting a brick. Because I felt down anyways everything else seemed so much worse than it was.

The reason I feel like I have to write this life update is because I want to portray how not everything you see on social media is ‘perfect’. I want my life updates to be raw and real and to capture how I feel in that moment.

I decided to make a difference and I picked myself back up. Nan was home and recovering, I started revising harder for exams and I went head first into tackling the other issues that were affecting me. Slowly things started looking up and I felt positive and happy again. I suppose the message behind this story is sometimes you just have to fight for happiness. You have to face your problems head on and deal with them. And bloody hell do I feel pretty darn epic.

Sex and relationships

I have been writing sex and relationship articles on vavaviolet now for nearly three months and I am over the moon with the feedback I have received. At first, I was kind of nervous as in a way talking about sex, blowjobs and all sorts are still rather taboo. But you guys seem to love them and always send me the sweetest messages about how entertaining and interesting you find them (which always makes my day so thank you). If there is anything, in particular, you would like me to feature please let me know by emailing and we can have a chit chat or tweet me at @JournalistSoph. If you have a sex and relationships question and/or dilemma you can send them to me anonymously by sending them to me via

Secondly, I am in a very happy place with my love life. I wanted to give it a couple of months before I said anything about it on here (yano in case my arse got dumped again) but I do have a boyfriend now. We’ve been together nearly three months and he is VERY supportive of vavaviolet and even helps me come up with article ideas. Now I just need to train him on how to take a bomb photo so I can start doing outfit of the day posts…

Disneyland Paris

Even though January was full of doom and gloom it was made a little magical because me and my boyfriend booked a trip of five days and nights to Disneyland Paris. We’re going in October via the Eurostar on October 18, and returning on October 22. On October 20, while we’re there I will be turning 21 years old so I’m overly excited about celebrating my birthday with Mickey Mouse. You’re never too old for Disney right?

We’re staying in the New York Hotel in the park so if you have stayed there before or been to the park please let me know your recommendations. I’ve already started planning and writing down everything I want to do there so recommendations would be v helpful.

Pinterest round-up: The best of interior inspiration

The first thing I do when I wake up is scroll through Pinterest, and the last thing I do before my beauty sleep is scroll through Pinterest (yes my life is really that sad).

I’m all about gathering inspiration and imagery is one of my favourite ways of doing this. I love creating mood boards and letting ideas fill my mind from interior right down to ideas for breakfast. For me it's what motivates me the best, I can look at one single image and come up with about five different article/content ideas, a plan of what I want the photography that goes along with the article to look like, and then about 10 other ideas after that.

Lately interior has been on my mind 24/7. I want to revamp my room and I’m also starting to think about how fast moving out from my parent's house will come around. I’m 20 now and the goal is to move out around my 22nd birthday. Two years sounds like ages away but in a couple of months, I’ll be turning 21. In excitement, I’ve started buying mugs, tea-towels, and more so I took to Pinterest to create a digital mood board so that I can start visualising what I like and what I need to buy.

It's quite clear that my apartment will just be painted white... It appeals to me so much because I love pops of things. Pops of colour, patterns, textures, the whole sha-bang, and furnishings stand out beautifully against something as plain as a white wall.

The pink lockers used as storage are to die for. I'm literally drooling over how cute they are. That nostalgic vibe as you reach for a document, can you imagine?

The wardrobe display showing off designer pieces is something every fashionista will want in their space. I'm no fashion goddess (what so bloody ever) but god do I love a display that resembles a Yvette Saint Laurent store.

I want cactus' and faux fur EVERYWHERE. Cactus' are so easy to look after, I mean you have to water them like once every couple of months! I think...

An investment I want to make for my space is for a record player. I've always thought records look so retro and the album covers are artwork. How cosy would it be to have one in your living room? I don't think I'd ever leave my home.

What kind of interior do you like? Comment down below or tweet me at @JournalistSoph

How to deal with a jealous partner\dealing with your own jealousy

Jealously is a bitch. We all get jealous and feel that horrid butterfly in our stomach but you can’t let it consume you and you can’t let someone dictate your life because of one emotion.

I’ll admit, I used to get mad jealous when I was younger. I trusted my ex’s, I truly did, the jealously I felt was my own doing. I was SO insecure about myself, my looks, weight, where I was going in life. I was insecure about everything. So I just assumed I was worthless and therefore, I’d get jealous real easy because of it. But now, oh boy I couldn’t give a fuck. I’m not insecure anymore, I’m not your ideal ‘thin and beautiful’, but I have lost weight, discovered myself and I have worked my arse off career wise to make sure I go far in life.

So these tips are from me, to you.

How to deal with a jealous partner

Think about it deeply
Really think about why your partner is so jealous. Before you even ask them, give it a deep thought. Has something in their past fucked them up? Did somebody cheat on them? Are they just massively insecure? I’m not excusing their actions because of any of these things whatsoever but it will help you understand why they’re like this. If they have been cheated on in the past they need to except that you’re a new person, you’re not their ex, you have different intentions, and not everybody cheats. Perhaps suggest counseling to them if that is the root of the problem, offer to sit and chat to them about it, let them know that they can open up to you. Help to get it into their mindset that you’re not their ex, you won’t do that and slowly they will gain their trust again. If they’re jealous because of their own insecurities then the same applies, suggest counseling or just be there for them. If you do love them then it is worth it, tell them how beautiful/good looking they are, help boost their confidence,

Boundaries need to be set
If your boyfriend/girlfriend is being an actual psychopath by checking your phone, telling you who you can and can’t talk to, controlling when you can and can’t go out and who you can and can’t see then you need to set some boundaries. In all honesty, if your partner acts like this I would say deep from within me for you to end it but I know its not always that easy. So if you want to make this relationship work YOU need to set some boundaries. Change your passcode, tell them that they have to start trusting you or the relationship just isn’t going to work. Put them in their place, ‘trust me or that’s it’. Put your goddam foot down. Don’t let somebody dictate your life. You know your partner better than I do so every approach is different. I would personally sit them down and tell them the deal, get over your issues or get over me.

How to deal with your own jealously

Find yourself
Like I said, I was jealous because I was insecure. That’s why a lot of people are jealous it makes sense really – if you deem yourself unworthy you assume everybody else thinks you’re a piece of shit too. I found having time by myself and being single really helped me out. I had time to focus on myself and my own issues. I made a career for myself when I was single, I accepted every single opportunity, I made new friends and I spent time finding out who I was. I was lucky and managed to improve my own self-confidence but seeking counseling could really help you, especially if you don’t want to leave your partner.

Have a chit chat
I also recommend sitting down with your boyfriend/girlfriend and telling them why you’re so jealous. Be honest with them and help them understand. You never know, they may be able to help you.

Five sex habits every woman should stop doing

I hate to be bossy but ladies, you need to stop doing these.

Faking moans/orgasms
I'll hold my hand up and admit I'm in the fake orgasm club. I've pulled that sin before and I made a pack that with my next partner I wouldn't fake an orgasm, not even once. So I haven't and let me tell you why. Faking orgasms means you fall into a trap, we do it because we want to make our partner feel like they are satisfying us even if they aren't. It's false advertising. You do it once and again and again. You keep faking and he/she carries on being shit in bed because, in their mind, they're doing a bloody marvellous job. Stop faking and if you're not enjoying it actually talk to your partner, show them how to make you cum. You're never going to have a real orgasm if you don't teach them how to please you. Trust me, it will make your sex life improve drastically.

Not cleaning up afterwards
You've done the deed and he's done the deed inside you, and then you carry on laying in bed. Therefore cum and all the messy side of sex goes all over your white John Lewis sheets. It's easy to do when all you want to do after sex is lay there cuddling or talking. If that's the case keep a pack of FemFresh wipes in your bedside draw or nearby. They're safe to use on your privates and you won't be lying in a pile of sperm.

Not carrying condoms
We carry everything else in our handbags including the kitchen sink and 12 lipsticks so I know you have room for two condoms ladies. If you're sexually active (or even if you're not, you never know when you could be wishing you had one) put them somewhere and keep yourself safe. It's important that as a sex blogger I preach safe sex and I truly mean it. If you get lucky at the club with a stranger that's cool, I'm all for having fun but make sure you have some in case he doesn't. I say carry two in case the first one breaks, or you want to go for round two...

Sleeping with your friend's ex
Girl code, just stick to the code for crying out loud. Don't be a dickhead.

Not saying what you want
I have so many women message me along the lines of 'I want to try this but I don't know how to ask my man...' this is a habit that needs to be broken. If he's your man you should feel comfortable enough with him to suggest sexual activities/ask him if you can try something. Bite the bullet (not your vibrating bullet) and get into the habit of suggesting what you'd like to try. What's the worst that can happen? He'll say no, that's it. You never know, he may have wanted to try it too.

Of course, you don't have to break these habits but your sex life will be bomb if you do - trust me...

If you would like to see 'sex habits every man should stop doing' let me know in the comments or tweet me at @JournalistSoph

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