Thursday, 11 January 2018


I love nothing more than being nosey and routing through people’s makeup collections whether that’s at a friend’s house or watching a video on good old YouTube.

For that reason, I thought I would share my collection. It’s not as grand as makeup artists and famous YouTubers but like a squirrel with its nuts I have gathered up quite the collection.  From limited edition products that I refuse to touch, to brand new items, untouched ones and pieces that really need to be binned (About five Collection concealers. Anyone else finds empty ones everywhere?).

Over the years because of blogging, I have been sent a fair few items but I donate the ones I know I won’t like or don’t like to charity shops and my mum and friends often route through my stash. I’m pretty good at going through and clearing things out. I can’t stand opening a draw and feeling overwhelmed by what pink shade of lipstick to go for out of a 100 of them.

Despite already owning more makeup than I could possibly fit on my face I still want more. I always have an overflowing wish list of products I want to pick up and test out. I’ve been eyeing up the new Too Faced Golden Melt Chocolate Palette since I first saw it on the gram.

I filmed a makeup collection tour for my YouTube channel so if you’re curious and want to see what I own then check it out below or by searching ‘vavaviolett’ on YouTube. 

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.



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