Thursday, 4 January 2018

The funkiest boots on the market right now (most on sale!)

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I could be melting during a summer’s day but I will still rock a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots featuring some kind of bizarre pattern.

If you’re a fan of the boot like me then you will love this time of year. The average person has already brought and nearly worn their ‘winter’ boots to death and are now looking for shoes for spring and summer. You know what this means ladies, the booties go on sale!

Living in dark and gloomy England means typically we get 48 hours of summer yet as a country we go out and buy all new wardrobes, BBQ’s, f*cking everything. Morons I say. Just stock up on booties and you’re set for the whole year.

I went through the high street (who has the money for designer? Not me) and picked out the best of the bunch. The ones that made me awe and click that dreaded ‘add to basket button’. I told myself it was okay because there are worse things I could spend my money on such as drugs.

The black and white boots (bottom corner on the right) have been on my wishlist for ages so I bit the bullet. They give me serious Cruella De Vil vibes. I’m also digging the knee-high red boots which are on sale for an impressive amount. To be honest, I might buy them all because well, they’re cheap and I wear them every day so it’s a good investment… right?

Have you fallen head over heels in love with any of these bad boys?

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.

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