Monday, 5 February 2018

The cutest face masks that actually work

Cute packaging is great and all but when you’re spending your hard earned ££s on a facemask you want it to work and not just look good Instagram.

I’m a sucker for adorable packaging and have tried an array of masks from sheet ones to mud textures.

Let’s get into the ones I recommend that are not a gimmick.

Holler and Glow’s Dream Snatcher

I was exploring the beauty section in Primark a few months ago when I came across the Holler and Glow face masks. On first impression the price (£3 per mask) put me off. I’m used to spending 80p-£1 on masks in Primark but my curiosity was too much and I had to pick up a few to try them out.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that the quirky patterns on the sheet masks was the main influence behind chucking three of them in my basket. I also got a unicorn and a cactus one.

My favourite is the one photographed above - Dream Snatcher. It’s a balancing mask that is meant to restore the skin with its skin soothing formula. The main ingredients are green tea, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.

I’ve found this works perfectly if my face feels sore (aka if I have a big red under the skin spot) and effortlessly helps to calm my skin down while looking super cute in the process.

I've been a sucker for anything chocolate since I was a young kid and would stick my chubby head in mixing bowls and lick it while my mother screamed at me. But thanks to masks like this it's socially acceptable to rub a chocolate scented substance all over my face while spending 15 minutes deeply sniffing.

This cocoa mask leaves my skin calm, relaxed and radiant.

On the packaging it states ‘The skin healing properties of Dead Sea salt combined with the moisturising benefits of Cocoa butter and she's butter, will have your skin feeling de-stressed, renewed and glowing with health’. I couldn't agree more.

I get mine of ASOS for £3.50 - you get two other masks too.

At typically around £8/9 for three (everywhere that carries them seems to charge different prices) these masks are on the slightly higher scale.

You can’t fault the packaging, it is just utterly adorable. Oh K! Was inspired by Korean beauty brands when creating this product and I think they did an excellent job at catching that Asian beauty vibe.

The mask themselves are designed to restore a dewy radiance to lacklustre skin and to deeply rehydrate. I don’t reach for them a lot due to having oily skin but sometimes, when my skin is going through a dry phase, I bring these bad boys out and they help to balance everything out. I tend to get a dry nose in the winter months so often will just apply some on my nose.

So, for my dry skin girls, you're welcome! 

PS: They're on offer for £3.49 reduced from £7.49 on Argos currently.

Anything that is panda themed I will buy it. When I saw this mask on Amazon I clicked ‘add to basket’ before I even looked at the price…

I got this one on Amazon for £5 along with a sheep, dog and tiger one. The panda one aims to nourish and improve dry skin. Like I said above, I have oily skin but this is another one I like to use when the heating ruins my skin during the winter.

This set would be perfect if you were hosting a sleepover or something just FYI.

Doing this mask first thing in the morning when I have a day off work while sipping from a cup of coffee is what I live for. The smell is to die for.

Again, inspired by Korean products, this mask also uses famous South Korean ingredients. It's a gel mask in the form of a sheet so it does feel a bit odd at first and I recommend laying down on your back while laying still so it doesn't move around.

It hydrates the skin but to be honest, I mainly use this product as a way to relax and unwind. But at £8.50 it's not cheap.

I love it when brands I already love bring out face masks. NailsInc has always, in my opinion, created top-notch nails vanishes so when I saw these in Boots last year I was overwhelmed with excitement.

Cat Nap, priced at £5, is a brightening sheet mask aimed at normal to dry skin. Even though it’s not for my skin type I still love this mask although, like previously stated, I only use it in the winter. However, if I've had a bad night’s sleep I’ll pop this on and I instantly look more awake. If you need a pick me up, you need this.

I've saved the best till last. Just look at that packaging, it's just godly.

At just £2.99 I religiously stock up on these and probably would even if they were a tenner. The rich moisture milk extract helps my skin when it's feeling a little dry and tried, it prevents rough skin and even helps to get rid of rough textures. It also gives me a subtle glow and leaves me feeling hydrated. It gets a 10/10 from me and looks great in a flat lay.

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.

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