Monday, 5 March 2018

Life updates & February favourites | Podcasts, beauty & more!

I went through every emotion I think my diminutive brain could handle in February.

It’s undoubtedly that it was one of the toughest, most emotionally draining and tiring months of my entire existence. Although February ending doesn’t magically solve my problems there’s something eye-opening about entering a new month. Which, in reality, is a bizarre mindset to have as it’s just another day in the calendar yet it inspires me monthly.

It’s hard for me to construe my feelings and what happened in a blog post but to sum it up, you know when one aspect of your life explodes you can get your head around it and focus on that one problem but what do you do when a number of things go wrong all at once?

I spoke about this in a post a couple of months ago of how I used to be someone who bottled things up. I had too much pride and wouldn’t tell a soul that I was feeling a little down. Now I’ve learned that’s not healthy and very luckily, I have an extremely close and tight-knit group of friends that I ran to last month.

I told them absolutely everything that I was dealing with and each and every one of them was there for me in their own ways. One grilled the sh*t out of me and gave me a proper talking to, another jokingly mocked me and made me laugh, another gave me a hug and took me for coffee. My family were the same and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.

It also hit me in February who I don’t want in my life anymore. Going through a tough time can help you have that clear out that you need to have. I realised I didn’t need this person and all having them around did was confuse me. Who has time for that?

My weight was a big struggle for me last month as well. As you may know, I quit smoking in January and following that I have gained a couple of pounds (about 10 lol). To me, that brought my little world tumbling down. My confidence went back down to the floor. It’s not the be all and end all. Last week I watched what I ate, exercised and lost 3 pounds. We’ll get there so no point wasting tears over something I can fix with some willpower and determination. Because let’s be real, gotta save those tears for the next f*ck boy that tries it.  

My love life? There’s no update there. Sorry to disappoint. To be honest, it makes me sound like such a granny but I’ve been so engrossed in the book series I’ve been reading lately that in the evenings all I want to do is read rather than talk to boys who I’ve matched on Tinder. So, for now, I haven’t opened the app in a hot minute.

In March, I am going to stand the f*ck back up, eat my greens, exercise, work hard, blog in the evenings and with the other 20% of my time probably get ripped apart in the group chat.

If you want to see what podcasts, YouTubers, apps, beauty and other bits and bobs I fell in love with during February then check out my YouTube below or search ‘vavaviolett’ or click HERE to go to my channel and subscribe. I’m so close to 1,000 subscribers and honestly, I need that 10p that being monetized would make me lol.

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.



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