Sunday, 11 March 2018

My love/hate relationship with Benefit Cosmetic's NEW Badgal Bang mascara

I hate it so much but I also kinda love it. I’ve never ever felt so indecisive about a beauty product before…

After scrolling past about 1million Instagram posts of this mascara I couldn’t take the curiosity anymore and just had to try out Benefit Cosmetic’s New Badgal BANG.

I purchased it from John Lewis for £21.50. Now, am I just forgetful or were Benefit mascaras once £18? I swear They’re Real used to cost that but it’s now also £21.50. Usually my cheap arse waits until Elle Magazine gives away a freebie of a mini Benefit once its hit the market but sadly that didn’t seem to happen with this launch. Instead every single f*cking person I follow on YouTube, Instagram etc was promoting it. It did the job, I bought it but wow was I sick of hearing about it.

The first mascara I ever used was Benefit’s Badgal mascara (what a spoilt child lol). I even told my dad that I had to have it because girls at school laughed at me for not having an expensive mascara. I think he just got me it to shut me up to be honest. I couldn’t apply it and because the brush was so big it would always hit my lids but I loved it anyway because I felt ‘cool’ – utter moron.

I then moved on to Benefit’s They’re Real (amazing mascara, will buy it until the day I die. I even want to be buried while wearing it). I also still buy Roller Lash as well because that just makes my bottom lash look orgasmic.

Let’s get into the review…

The packaging

The feeling and material of the outer packaging is comparable to Nars. It has that smooth texture which yes, gets destroyed in your makeup bag. My Badgal Bang has been in my makeup bag for over a week and it looks disgusting. I can no longer photograph it for the gram, just no.

However, I love the fonts and the bright pink text and the lid, let’s just talk about that stud detailing on the lid. I’m all for it.

The product

The wand as you can see is nice and thin so it’s very easy to use without hitting your lid. It’s easy to apply to your top and bottom lashes. The wand doesn’t come out of the tube absolutely coated in the product which means it doesn’t clump up once applied to the lashes.

It grips onto the lashes effortlessly and is super easy to work with. I find my lashes separate like little butterfly wings. It lengthens and slightly curls my lashes. It’s super black – a massive win for me.

Before applying any makeup... okay except my brows.
Within seconds after applying the mascara.
After wearing it for 10 hours.

How it wears

Now, this is where I start to hate this mascara. Benefit claims it is smudge proof – that is a straight up lie. As you can see from the photos above after 10 hours of wearing it to work (merely sat at a desk all day and a cycle home) it has smudged. It especially smudges on my bottom lashes. If your eyes water easily do not use this mascara as you will get panda eyes. Don’t even think about wearing it to watch a sad film.

The day after I noticed it smudged I purposely didn’t apply it to my bottom lashes yet I still got fall out and it still smudged in the corners of my eyes… Seeing as Benefit claim boldly on the packaging that it will last 36 hours I am massively unimpressed. What annoys me more is the fact so many influencers told me to buy this mascara because it was “so amazing”. It’s not, it’s mediocre.

Removing it

It’s semi-easy to remove with my usual Garnier micellar water but I tend to op for Benefit’s own eye makeup remover because truthfully, it does remove it faster and I might as well use it up seeing as it cost me £18.

My verdict

I’m disappointed that a mascara that was bigged up so much (they flew like 100 influencers to an island to celebrate the launch) isn’t as “amazing” as it was portrayed. If it didn’t smudge I would be utterly besotted with it.

I’m keen to see what happens to it while I’m out clubbing but also petrified that I’ll end up resembling a panda so I don’t think I would chance it on a night out.

All in all, I can’t make my mind up. I’m going to try it out some more but if the smudging continues to ruin my life I’m going to stick with They’re Real.

Have you tried this mascara out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Written by VavaViolet's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.


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