Sunday, 15 April 2018

What it was like to have acne at 8/9 years old & how I got rid of it

My acne was so bad in primary school that even the thought of leaving my house would make me tear up.

I was just 8/9 years old when my little face broke out like a volcano. I was in year 5, a primary school pupil surrounded by other children who had flawless skin because, well, they were kids. Children typically have perfect skin yet I was covered in spots, bumps, it was sore and it hurt so much.

I remember feeling so confused. Why was I so different? Of course, acne is very common, in teenagers that is… so to have acne at such a young age I felt so alone.

My acne started luckily in the summer holidays so I had time to hide away. My mum took me to John Lewis before I went back to school and bought me my first foundation. Before this, we went to the doctors and tried many things to calm it down but nothing worked. My mum saw how distressed I was and although she didn’t want her 8/9-year-old daughter to wear makeup I think she knew it was for my own sanity.

She bought me a very expensive Clinique foundation that had properties in it that aimed to clear the skin up while wearing it. I wasn’t allowed to wear any other makeup but I didn’t want to. I just wanted to hide my “horrific” skin.

It did a bloody good job too. I had a fancy foundation brush and I would run to the toilets often to check that it was still covering my skin during school. I went through two bottles a month because of how much I would cake my face.

I wasn’t brave at all. I was scared that people would think I was disgusting, that I’d lose my friends and I’d get bullied.

This went on until my acne magically cleared up when I was about 14 years old. I was in Year 9 of secondary school. During that time, I never once took my foundation off in front of anyone that wasn’t my family. For years I ran to bathrooms to make sure no one could see this secret. You could see the bumps of course, but the redness was gone.

My acne attacked my lower half of my face. My cheeks, jaw line and nose all suffered. I was angry and wanted them gone so I picked them even though I was told not to. I still have acne scarring, but the scars get lighter as the years go on.

The fear of it coming back, however, is very poignant in my life. To an extent, this is not a bad thing as I take exceptional care of my skin. I filmed a YouTube video where I share with you the products I use to keep acne and spots away (watch it HERE).

What I will say to you is this, if you have acne it doesn’t make you “dirty”, it doesn’t make you “disgusting” and it doesn’t make you unworthy or ugly. Hormones like to make our lives a misery and that’s what acne is. It’s a damn misery but it doesn’t last forever. Unless you’re a moron like me and pick your spots because then you will get scarring – so don’t do that.

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.



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