Monday, 22 October 2018

New job, orgasm injection, driving, moving away and fresh starts | Editor's letter

In the last month, I got a new job, got my first cosmetic procedure, passed my driving test and have started planning and living the next chapter of my life – and I have never been more excited.

On Christmas Eve last year at the pub, I said to my friends that 2018 will be my year. One of them jokingly said “it won’t, it will be horrendous”, I replied “I bet you the first half will be but then I’ll turn it around” and that is preciously what has happened.

This isn’t an update of me gloating about recent successes because truthfully, until recently 2018 has been the worst year of my entire life. It felt like I was living a nightmare at times and it just seemed to get worse and worse but in a weird way, it was my days getting darker that made me work harder than I ever have done.

I haven’t posted on VavaViolet in months because I’ve been doing nothing but focusing on bettering myself. I’d get home from my full-time job and do freelance articles so I could afford to buy a car and pay to do as many driving lessons a week as I could afford. I didn’t go out drinking even to a pub for a month straight so I could spend my entire weekends driving around with my dad or a friend practising. When it came to the day of my test I think the only reason I passed the first time was that I just wanted it so damn bad. I also love driving and am now looking at doing a track and race day so I can speed to my heart’s content.

I also fell out of love with my job this year. Full on midlife crisis style. I realised the only reason I wasn’t looking for another one was that I utterly adore the people I work with and although I’d fallen out of love with working at a local paper, journalism is my one true love and it is the perfect career for me. I’ve been there for three years and I finally feel ready to enter a national newsroom and that’s exactly what I’m doing next month at the age of 22. It’s nerve-wracking and the pressure I’m sure will be 10x tougher but there’s fun in a challenge. Whenever someone asks me what my goal is in life I’ve always said, “to be an editor by the age of 30”, if I have to work every minute of every day, I’ll do it.

A few months ago, I wrote about how my sex drive had completely and utterly died (read my moaning here). Thankfully, it’s returned with a vengeance thanks to a cosmetic procedure I had done. Now, before your jaw hits the floor as my mothers did… it was for an article I’m writing for a magazine so it’s justiciable in my eyes, at least. I had an O-Shot injection inserted into my vagina and without giving away too much (as you can read the article once it’s out) it’s orgasms galore. The things I’ll do for a cracking article…

With these life changes also comes some big decisions. I’ll be working in central London and with shifts that are 7am to 3pm and then 3pm to 11pm moving to the city and away from my hometown might have to be an option. For now, I’m going to see how commuting goes as there are trains that will get me into and home from work easily but having a fresh start in one of the busiest cities in the world is growing on me. I feel like I need to do it while I’m single and have no one depending on me but the thought of not being a short drive away from my friends and family does sadden me.

The only other update, as this is predominantly a sex blog, is my love life. I am as single as you can possibly be. Literally, the only men I text are those who are family and my guy friends. Whilst being single has actually been incredibly fun and has allowed me to better myself in every way from how much I’ve matured, my outlook on love and life, to my career and friendships, I know that I do not need to have a partner to feel complete. It is instead something I would ideally like that would simply add to my life, not complete it. I do miss having someone there that you can talk to, laugh with, experience new things, go on holidays and just live while indulging in each other’s company but I am not actively looking for it and refuse to settle merely to a feel an occasional void. Dating apps just don’t do it for me and I am perfectly fine being single until I’m 30+ if it means that I invest my time into someone incredibly special.

As for VavaViolet, I will be back to posting frequently as I’m more driven and motivated than I ever have been.

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.



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