Monday, 14 January 2019

Why you’re a f****** idiot if you romanticise Penn Badgley’s character in Netflix’s YOU

If Joe made you light up inside, get turned on or tweet something ridiculously moronic such as “relationship goals” then I probably wouldn’t bother reading this unless you’re into being insulted.

Stupidity on the internet is not a shock, sadly we are over-populated with fools who walk this God forsaken planet but in 2019 I did not expect to see a mass of women idolising and wanking off to a psychopath domestic abuser.

Currently, a bulk of the Earth is watching, has watched or will watch Netflix’s new show, YOU.

*WARNING: There are spoilers past this point!*

The 10-part series is about a 20-something-year-old man called Joe who is a manager of a bookstore in New York, an attractive girl called Guinevere (nicknamed Beck) walks in acting all sassy and he falls in love with her. Sounds cute, doesn’t it? Wrong.

As soon as Beck leaves the store the audience is introduced to the real Joe, the creepy stalker who is deeply and scarily obsessed with her. After finding out where she lives he follows her home, stalks her every day and even goes as far as to wank himself off while watching her through a window.

He then meets her again, gains her trust, convinces her he is someone else, manipulates her into falling in love with him and then controls her life like a Sims character - and she doesn’t even realise he’s doing it.

And to think women are romanticising Joe…

People are coming out of the woodwork and taking to Twitter to announce to the world or their 14 followers that they have a twisted “crush” on a man who murders people in a bid to control his girlfriend and ultimately takes her life because he can’t manage her like he does for his shitty book shop.

But the directors are no fools and Netflix’s top dogs are not stupid, controversy in a show gets it talked about so they cast Penn Badgley who is undeniably hot as fuck. It’s okay to want to get boned by Penn, Joe, however, no.

The key part of YOU - which I think a lot of people is missing is this - of course, we’re going to fall in love with Penn’s character…

He’s a young intelligent good looking guy who reads books, only drinks expensive coffee and asks Beck every single day how it was. He holds the door open for her, he constantly looks out for her, comforts her, is there for her. Doesn’t sound so bad now, right?

As I blinked, the camera angles changed and the next episodes started playing, in my mind I started to want a Joe. Because that’s what domestic abusers do. It’s manipulation at it’s finest. They make you think it’s love, that it’s normal, that they control your life to make it better which is exactly what Joe thinks he is doing and how he deems his psychopathic tendencies justifiable.

It’s no wonder girls as young as 15 are tweeting Penn “kidnap me”, “I want a Joe”, “Joe is a whole new level of sexy”.

Penn, who also played creepy Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl, thankfully replied mocking them to raise awareness that it’s not good to fancy the pants off of his character in YOU.

In the first couple of episodes the way it’s filmed will probably convince you to fancy Joe, perhaps even feel sorry for him because that’s what happens to women and men in real life who tragically fall into the trap. Don’t feel bad if this happens to you, I’m not calling you an idiot as that would be insulting to every single survivor.

I’m calling those who watched the whole series, who know it’s not “cute” or “romantic” and who know this is a serious issue yet still decided to glorify something that has taken so many innocent lives.

I’m all for dark humour, I practically bathe in it, but what I’m not here for is people romanticising this show who know better. My heart sinks into my stomach every time I think of someone going through this right now or has survived, reading these remarks and wishing they could do nothing more than get out of their own living nightmare yet you’re asking for it on the internet.

Think before you tweet.

If you are being domestically abused or may know or have an inkling that somebody you know is going through it, please seek help. Click HERE to be taken to Women’s Aid - a domestic abuse hotline where you can speak to someone who will help you get out.

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.



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