Sunday, 17 February 2019

25 women reveal their most SHOCKING SEX confessions

They’re not the kind of stories you can tell your grandkids (unless you fancy ruining Christmas dinner) but 25 women have revealed their most shocking sex confessions that are sure to shock you.

“He was pissing me off over a period of time, so I f****d his friend.”

“In uni, I was sleeping with this guy that I did not fancy and in fact, I hated him so much, but he was just always there when I was horny.”

“I knew a guy liked me, so I led him on for 11 months and kept him thinking that he was going to sleep with me.”

“I asked my best friend to join me in a threesome just to please the guy I was seeing.”

“I’ve had many wet dreams about my man’s dad.”

“I let a young man f**k me in front of my husband and he loved it.”

“I shagged someone in the smoking area on holiday in Ibiza and got caught by security… twice.”

“I had sex in my friend’s bathroom (despite her asking me not to) and his pencil dick fell out and he came while it rubbed my inner thigh.”

“I used to sex text my ex-boyfriend’s best friend while I lay next to him.”

“I have more friends with benefits than I do fingers.”

“I had a threesome with my best mate then after we dropped her home, me and him f****d again on my parent’s sofa.”

“This guy cut open a Creme Egg shoved it on his bellend and then I sucked it off. Hashtag Happy Easter.”

“I once had sex on my dad’s living room floor as I proclaimed, ‘yes daddy’ my dad walked in the house.”

“I burst a waterbed with a dildo by accident.”

“I once clawed a guy’s back up real bad, not because the sex was good but because I f*****g hated him.” 

“I got caught being spanked in the middle of the woods by the police while my hands were tied up with his belt.”

“I asked a copper if he wanted head while he was trying to arrest me.”

“I told a boy to f**k himself so hard with a dildo that it made his bum bleed.”

“He came to my house, I made him clean the house as his fetish is being bossed around and then I touched his thigh and he came everywhere. He had to clean up again.”

“I got my arsehole split open.”

“Once I was having sex at my uni house and my flatmate was so concerned by the noise that she went downstairs and prayed for me.”

“When I was at uni there was a guy that would pass out every time he came. People thought he was dead.”

“I always bump into people I’ve f****d and completely forget that I have f****d them.”

“I lost my virginity at a house party and I can’t even remember the guy’s name, let alone his face.”

“After a one night stand, I tried to rob his construction hat while screaming at my friend to run.”

Thank you to all the women who sent in a confession. All identities have been hidden due to the senders wishing to remain anonymous. This article is a sheer bit of banter and is in no way condemning being an idiot. Wear condoms, get tested and don’t try and steal a man’s construction hat – it won’t end well.

If you wish to send in a confession for a round two, please email vavaviolett(at)

Written by VavaViolet’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Sophie Blackman.



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